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Youtube: Brazilian Curly Hair Review From Julia Hair

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Last updated Aug 17, 2018

curly hair weave

Brazilian Curly hair is one of the most popular types of hair extensions available on the market today. Brazilian hair is one of our thicker textures and has a lot of bodies. Brazilian hair is softer than our Indian, Malaysian and Peruvian hair textures. It blends well with many different natural hair types.

Our Brazilian Curly hair can be easily curled and styled as desired. It also naturally has more volume than Indian hair. The luster of the hair is very low to medium like Malaysian hair, meaning it has a gentle sheen to it as opposed to the shine that Peruvian hair tends to have. The Curly hair pattern can be curled as desired to fit any look.

If you want to know more about Brazilian hair, you can see the real review from our Youtube star Favour Lucky. She loves Julia hair. Wholesale Brazilian hair is an exclusive virgin.

Favour Lucky Brazilian Curly Hair Review

Today I am going to be doing a hair review for this hair, so I'm gonna be telling you everything about this, he'll like where I got it from the texture shipping. the prize every single thing isn't about this hair because I've been getting a lot of questions. so it's like I might as well get you for this.

brazilian curly

Honest Price

Alright, so let's get started. The first of all I got this hair from Julia hair company. I got it in 26 to 26 24 22 and in 20 inch least closure, and I totally remember right this hair was around like two hundred and sixty-five dollars.

Shipping Fast

So for shipping, I would say it didn't take that much time for it to get to me like it was like two days. let's just say I already know make Thursday to Saturday. so that the shipping was really really fast. So this is a Brazilian curly hair weave like I said I got into 26 22 24 20 with the closure.

Nice Texture

So far, like as you can see the texture is really really nice. And they are so easy to walk with like all. I don't know if you can like the seed with like this hair is amazing. Like this is my first time trying, at least crucial and to be honest, I am not mad at the results at all shut up to my aesthetics but like yeah this has really really amazing. I would stay walking out saying about the hair is obviously wonderful.

No shedding And No Tangle

Here it's going to like you know shedding and show you when it's wet that is from my own experience. It sheds a lot especially when is wet from my own experience, but it's not too bad, it's not something that you can work with or control.

wholesale brazilian hair

No Smell

When I first got this head, it didn't have any smell, usually like whenever I buy my virgin hair like you is calm. It always comes with a certain smell, but this one it was like I couldn't like to identify any smell, so that is really really good.

Amazing And Soft

I was really surprised. I’m so amazing that Brazilian hair is so soft and nice. I just made this hair like I just need to say like two days ago, I'm like from my experience, so far I would say I haven't like encountered anything like tangle or like a funny smell. It's just an amusing. It's realistic. I would let the hair speak for itself instead of me blabbing so much or should I say talking so many details. It's amazing like you see this can be. It's really really amazing.

You know in order to make it pretty much about this hair, this hair is really really soft, it's some amazing texture works well with like hair pressure, anyway the hair works well with any hair product, you put on it wouldn't like I started off with water, and like the curly hair that are coming back.

Youtube Review

Check out this hair review from Youtube, Favour Lucky as she gives her insight on the quality of our Brazilian curly hair. She also discusses a few tips and tricks about Brazilian curly hair bundles.

Hair Information: Brazilian curly weave 4 bundles 26 26 24 22 with 20 lace closure

The Dos And Don’ts About Brazilian Curly

    • 1. Use products that won’t leave your hair dry and brittle. You should shampoo the hair once a month to avoid stripping off its natural nutrients and oils.
    • 2. Always consult a specialist before using new products. An extra amount of care is required for you to achieve positive results.
    • 3. Use leave-in conditioners for Brazilian curly hair. These keep it soft and manageable. You can condition twice in a month but not every day since it is not attached to your scalp which means it lacks the protection of natural oils.
    • 4. Maintain the hair curls by applying setting gel or hairspray.
    • 5. Avoid using shampoo without conditioners while washing.
    • 6. Heat dying gives the Brazilian curly hair a different look, but this should be done with caution. Similarly, some bleaching products can easily damage your hair if poorly applied.
    • 7. Regularly using heat tools to style your curls can reduce the hair’s lifespan.
    • 8. Brush the hair only when it’s wet. When dry, use a hairspray before brushing.
    • 9. Always cover your head with a silky or satin cap before you go to bed.
    • 10. Once you wake up, brush your hair softly with a paddle brush, holding the tracks to avoid excessive pressure that can lead to shedding.
    • 11. Do not use greasy products on your Brazilian curly hair.
    • 12. Nourish your natural hair with the right hair food and scalp treatments to avoid itchiness and dryness.

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