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Guide To Buy The Best Indian Hair

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Last updated Nov 23, 2018

indian straight hair

Hair weaves serve a variety of purposes, but for most women, it’s all about looking and feeling great. Indian virgin hair is one of the most common and widely available hair types on the market today. 

The ultimate goal of Virgin Indian Hair Weave Bundles are to have hair weaves blend in seamlessly with your hair so your hair seems natural, full-bodied without looking too perfect.

As we know, virgin Indian hair also called raw Indian hair. it means no chemical process. It cut from one donor, washed and then packed for sale. It didn’t treat bleached or permed. The cuticle is in the same direction.

All of us would like to buy virgin Indian hair. But how to buy pure virgin Indian hair? Now, here we will share with you some guides to buy the best Indian hair vendors.

indian curly hair

You Must Know The Features Of Indian Hair

    • Indian hair, or virgin Indian hair, is thick, lustrous and commonly considered the highest-quality hair on the market.
    • Indian hair is generally dark in color which is easily matched to many ethnicities, especially relaxed African American hair.
    • Indian hair is revered for its versatility, meaning it can be easily curled like curly Indian remy hair weave, straightened or otherwise styled in a variety of ways.
    • Indian hair is next in order of coarseness. It is dense and a good match for the texture of black women hair.
    • Indian hair that is processed in other countries and given different names based on characteristics such as density and texture.

indian body wave hair

How to find Best Remy Indian Hair Suppliers?

    • Look for the genuineness of the human hair distributor, this can be easily measured by age of the company.
    • Try to look for a company which has a tradition in the human hair business. Virgin hair is the best bet if you want authentic Remy Human Hair.
    • Try to find a Hair vendor who only does wholesale sales and not the one who offers bundle deal etc. Because he is most likely going to be a re-seller and not a manufacturer.
    • Look for a Remy Human Hair Supplier which only shows there credibility, assurance of quality.

How To distinguish If It’s Real Indian Virgin Hair?

    • You can smell hair. Because now most people look for virgin hair. So it will have some vendor try to use Synthetic hair instead virgin hair. If it is chemical, it will have the bad smell. It is an easily and directly way to distinguish.
    • Virgin hair usually is natural black. But you also can be felt few color when buying hair. Because virgin hair also can be colored other color. And the color on the end of hair should have a little different, like our real hair on the head.
    • You also can see wefts, it should be regular, and shouldn’t have spirits, loose threads, shedding, tangling. It is easy to comb without tangling.

You Must Know The Cost Of Virgin Remy Indian Hair

If you want best price buy from Human Hair Extensions Manufacturer and not a re-seller.

Don't look for the cheapest price as you are risking the quality. Remember quality comes at a cost. Remy hair is expensive than the non-remy hair.

best virgin remy indian hair

General Tips When Buying Premium Indian Hair

Here are some factors you should consider when shopping for 100 Indian remy human hair:

    • Wefts: Single stitch or double stitch? Double stitch wefts should reduce shedding.
    • Weight: The standard weight of sew-in hair bundles are 100 grams or about 3.5 oz. Is the bundle cheaper because it weighs less?
    • 100% Human Hair: We only buy 100% human hair and most of us prefer this. If you are looking for really cheap hair that will not last, color, or style then consider a synthetic blend.
    • Remy or Non-Remy: You want remy hair with the cuticles facing the same direction to reduce chances of tangling.
    • Single Donor or Multiple: Single Donor hair really only matters for a few types of hair including Indian hair or possibly a unique gray hair.
    • Single or Double Drawn: Most all human hair sold in the USA market is single drawn hair. The cost to produce a double drawn bundle is much higher because of the shackling process of removing the shorter hair is much more expensive during the manufacturing process. Expect to pay more for a bundle of human hair that has long hairs all the way to the tips.
    • Color: Can you color the hair? The best quality virgin hair will lift all the way to a #613 Blonde. If you are not coloring the hair you might consider buying a less expensive option if available.
    • Styling: Human Hair extensions generally should not have an issue styling.


If you want to have good quality and long lasting human hair weaves, virgin hair is the best option for you to buy. Now that you know how to distinguish the real, quality extensions from the fakes, Indian virgin hair is a great choice if you like hair that is versatile and flexible when it comes to styling. A great fit for all hair types, Indian hair is a consistent contender for the best hair available today.

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