Lace Frontal Closure Ear To Ear, Best Lace Front Sew In Closure Online Sale

Lace Frontal Closure Ear To Ear, Best Lace Front Sew In Closure Online Sale

Lace Front Closure Ear To Ear

Ear to ear lace closure covers the front of the entire hairline. It’s typically 13” long and 4” wide. Frontal lace closure, featured a thin and transparent piece of lace mesh around the hairline, they are hair pieces that are usually being 13×4 inch and 13×6 inch and used as a closure part for various types of hair extensions and weaves with ear to ear coverage area, so best lace frontal closure is also known as ear to ear lace frontal closure. 

Silk Base Closure VS Lace Closure

Lace Closure

The lace closure meaning that the individual strands of hair are attached to a lace base. It does give a natural look. You can get a natural look with lace. Many customers prefer lace closures. Now with lace closure you're going to have to do some tweaking in order to get the most natural look. So you're either going to have to bleach the knots on the closure.

Silk Base Closure

Now next it is the silk base closure. And with the silk closure, it has a layer of silk in which the individual strands of hair are embedded into the silk and then it also has a layer of lace. Now with silk closures, the knots are not visible because they are embedded in that layer if silk. So you can see this definitely gives more of a scalp like an appearance.

You can see that it has a much more natural appearance because you can't see the knots at all. All you see is the parting or the faux scalp or the scalp look. Again with both of these closures, you can part them anywhere. You can part them down the middle, down the side. You get freestyle parting through out the entire base of the closure.