Lace Front Closure Pieces, Best Lace Closure Piece With Cheap Price

Lace Front Closure Pieces, Best Lace Closure Piece With Cheap Price

What Is Lace Front Closure Piece?

A lace part closure is a section of hair attached to an oblong or circle shaped piece made of either lace or silk. It’s used to close the top of a full weave. It gives you a flawless look because it completely covers the final row of braids or tracks. You can find them online or at beauty supply stores.

If applied correctly, lace frontal closure piece looks better than a “leave out” option. You don’t have to worry about blending your natural hair into your weave. Front lace closure piece also allows you to completely protect your natural hair and give it a break. Finally, there are many closures available to choose from. So you don’t have to worry about not finding one to match the texture of your weave.

Lace Closure VS Silk Closure

A Silk Base Closure is slightly different from a lace closure. The base is a little thicker than a lace. If installed properly, the silk closure will look very natural because the knots are not visible, and the base between the parts mimic the look and feel of the human skin. And it may require less pre-installation prep work than a lace closure.

The color of closure: The lace of lace closures comes in different shades that you can match with your scalp color. But, along with available in different colors they are very transparent so, you can see whatever they lay on comfortably.

On the other hand, silk closures are not as transparent as lace closures because there is a layer of silk material that gives you the look of hairs coming out of a natural scalp. Further, it also comes in various color, you can select any deep curly weave installed on silk closure for your hair.

Construction: Silk closure is constructed over silk material which makes the hair unit look more natural and more like your scalp. However, this closure is a little thicker, which can pose a challenge for getting a super smooth installation on the head.

Lace Frontal VS Closure

Size is the most obvious difference, lace closure pieces tend to sit in the middle of the head or on the side for a side part look. A lace frontal instead will go from ear-to-ear, which gives greater coverage, allowing you to be able to part the hair anywhere and therefore gives more flexibility in styling. If you want to learn more about this question, you can read this blog.