Quick Human Hair Weave With Lace Closure

What Is Quick Weave With Lace Closure?

Lace closure quick weaves are becoming a huge trend in 2024, in such a short amount of time. It's a cheaper, less time-consuming option to a sew-in weave.

A quick weave lace closure is the method here the hair wefts are glued onto a protective cap or hardening gel, that will be placed on top of your head. A protective cap is placed over freshly washed and cornrowed hair.

The cap provides coverage from the glue residue, the hair wefts are then cut and glued onto the cap. The hardening gel can also mold and hold down the hair for those who want to avoid cornrows.

Best Hair For A Lace Front Closure Quick Weave

The best hair for glueless quick weaves are the lower-cost human hair bundles due to the cutting of the wefts and quick weaves are not worn long. Regardless, it’s a good option to achieve the look if you are looking for human hair extensions. With human hair, you can do more than synthetic hair extensions.

How To Make A Lace Front Closure?

1.Wash and cornrow hair down in suitable pattern for where your part will be. If you are opting for the hardening gel, use the gel to lay your hair down as flat as possible creating a low ponytail.

2.Place your stocking cap onto your hair, which makes it easier for you to remove the quick weave.

3.Tweeze and pluck hairline of your closure prior to cutting lace closure. Take out baby hairs if that your preference to look more natural.

4.Cut lace off of your closure, do not cut it straight, try cutting in a zigzag motion.

5.Now, measure where your closure should stop on your hairline,place a marking where you want it to stop.

6.Pull stocking cap on and above the line.

7.Outline closure section with bonding glue.

8.Glue on closure.

9.Measure where first track will lay, from ear to ear, cut and glue on.

10.Continue doing so throughout your head.