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Lace Closure Weaves, Full Lace Front Closure, Full Lace Closure

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What Is Full Lace Frontal Closure?

Full lace frontal closures are the go-to type of closures for some people. They are preferred because frontals happen to be very versatile. They ran from one ear to the other covering the whole hairline. This full frontal lace closure portrays such a natural look. Full lace frontal closure sew ins are usually bigger than lace closures because they are about 13×4, 13×5, 13×6 in size.

The Pros And Cons Of Full Lace Frontal Closure With Baby Hair

Pros And Cons Of Using Full Frontal Lace Closure With Baby Hair.


‍Has a pre-plucked hairline for a more realistic look when worn.

‍Bigger parting space also will give a realistic look.

‍Full weave with lace closure around coverage that suits best for ponytails and updo styles.

‍It will give you that full and thick appearance because of the full lace frontal closure sew-in.


‍Full sew in weave with lace closure may begin to slip after some time.

‍It may damage your scalp if not maintained properly.

‍The adhesive lasts for only 4-5 days hence the need for regular maintenance.

‍Glue needs retouch after two weeks and can cause skin irritation.

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