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What Is Lace Closure Wig?

Lace frontal closure wigs come in different variations, there are lace caps, full lace wig, 360 lace wig and front lace wigs. A lace front closure wig refers to a wig that has sheer lace along the front portion of the wig that rests along the forehead and traces your natural hairline.

The purpose of the lace is to give the wearer the appearance of a natural hairline. Full lace closure wigs are highly popular because when worn properly, it appears as if it's your natural hair, and can be styled the same as your natural hair with various parts and ponytails.

The Benefits Of Lace Closure Wigs

There are several benefits to wearing lace front closure wig. Some include:

prevent damaging your hair with constant color changes.

Reducing the amount of heat damage to your own natural crown.

Dramatically change your look while protecting your natural locks.

Unlike traditional human hair wigs, wigs with lace closure are highly breathable which ensures your own hair and scalp has the room it needs to get the proper ventilation with extended wear.

How To Make A Lace Closure Wig?

To begin with, put the wig cap on the mannequin head. Second, sew hair bundles in the cap. Start off with human hair bundles at the bottom part. While sewing hair bundles, you could either double tracks or not.

After sewing in 2 hair bundles, you could start to work on your lace closure. You shall pin it down in the mannequin cap, get the hair out of way and sew the closure down. Next, work on the last hair bundle. Lastly, cut out the extra lace and secure your newly-made wig with the elastic band. You can try this lace closure wig tutorial and you would be able to make a lace wigs closure by yourself.