Lace Closure Bob, Lace Closure Hairstyles, Lace Closure Bob Sew In

Lace Closure Bob, Lace Closure Hairstyles, Lace Closure Bob Sew In

What Is Lace Closure Bob?

Just as its name suggests, bob with lace closure is lace closure in bob styles. For those who are not familiar with either of the term, let’s break it down. Lace closure refers to how each hair strand is sewn into a lace patch.

At Julia Hair, the hair strands used are real virgin hair from Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, and Indian. When you wear lace closure, these hair strands cover your hair body and create a protective hairstyle for you.

The lace closure human hair has a standard size of 4×4 inches but can be altered based on customers’ requests. The role of lace closure hair is to connect the hair to your head.

The Bob is a universally loved hairstyle that has short to medium lengths. The hair falls typically at the jawline level, but sometimes can be a bit longer (around the shoulders) or shorter (around the ears). Fully sewn bob wig with lace closure, cut longer at the front and shorter at the back, creating the illusion of hair surrounding the face and creating a slimming effect.

Lace Closure Bob Wig

Want a look that will never go out of style? Get an always-on-trend bob wig. The versatile bob can be classic and conservative or hip and modern. Choose short or shoulder-length, straight or curly, layered or sleek…it’s up to you! If you want to have a lace closure bob wig style, yet unwilling to have a haircut, then human hair bob wig would be your best choice.