Curly Hair With Closure Virgin Human Hair For Sale

Curly Hair With Closure Virgin Human Hair For Sale

How many bundles should i choose for curly hair weaves with closure sew in?

Customers who want to sew in a curly wig by remy curly hair bundles with closure care about how many bundles with the closure they should use. According to how thick and how long you want your hair should be, you need different quantities of hair weaves and closure. If you want to have a full and thick hair over 20 inches, you can purchase 4 bundles with a closure. If you need your hair light and naturally less than 20 inches, you can order 3 bundles with a closure. About the curly hair weaves, please pay attention to the hair length, when you measure the hair, make sure to stretch the longest hair strands, that are true to length.

How to wash curly hair bundles.

1. Prepare a tool for washing, fill in warm water in a sink. Put shampoo into the water.

2. Open the hair weft, submerge hair bundles into the water, then wait for a few minutes at least 10 minutes.

3. Swirl your hair weaves make sure the dust, dirty, oil out of the hair. Please don’t twist the hair to avoid the hair tangle or split.

4. Use fresh warm water to clean the hair till the shampoo gone.

5. Apply some conditioner on the hair from the ends, please don’t use the conditioner on the roots of the hair weft ( it will cause the hair shedding).

6. Wait for 3-5 minutes, when the hair absorbs the nutrition in the water, then clean the conditioner.

7. Use a towel to absorb the excess water in the hair, and dry it in the air. Please don’t use the hair drier, if you hurry and need to blow dry, make sure set a low temperature. Or it will make the hair dry and less glossy. Especially curly hair bundles, it is easy to damage than other hair texture.

Choose curly hair with closure sew in wet and wavy hair, inspire your beauty with Julia curly hair bundles and closure.