Closure Wigs Human Hair Best Quality Cheap Price

Closure Wigs Human Hair Best Quality Cheap Price

What is a closure wig?

A closure wig complete buy closure sew in and human hair weave which install on the wig cap.

How to make a wig with lace closure?

This is the common question for all the African American women who use the hair weaves. That is easy by the human hair bundles with a lace closure. Here is the step:

First: prepare the wig cap, needle and threads, human hair bundles, pins, a lace closure, head foam.

Second: put the wig cap on the head foam, then make clean cornrows, sewing the hair weaves along with the cornrows, leave the part for lace closure which make the wig more natural.

Third: install the lace closure on the leave out, then sewing work is over.

Forth: comb the hair, trim it, make the hair tide and clean. A wig is finished.

Which closure should i choice?

There are many kinds of lace closure in the market, common lace closure is 4x4 lace closure, the wig complete by this lace closure called 4x4 closure wig. You will also see some 6x6 closure wig, 7x7 closure wig, because the lace closure they use is 6x6 lace closure and 7x7 lace closure. Others you will see side part closure wig and middle part closure wig according to the hair part. Of course, all these closure wigs human hair is natural black, if you want blond closure wig, you should find the hair master and check whether they produce it or not. Blonde hair requires higher skills to make it. If the customers like short hair, they can choose closure bob wig.

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