Best Cheap Frontal Wigs, Lace Frontal Wig

Best Cheap frontal wig, lace frontal wig

Cheap Frontal Wig High quality

There are various types of human hair wigs, such as full lace wig, lace front wig, 360 frontal wig, transparent lace wig, fake scalp lace wig, and highlighted lace wig. All these wigs are lace wigs which help African American women build beauty and confident.

What is a frontal wig?

A frontal wig complete by a lace frontal and 3 or 4 human hair bundles, that is hair bundles with lace closure. Hair masters or some hair lovers sew in these hair bundles and frontal on the wig cap, by their high skill processing, they finish the wig very natural and comfortable. Sometimes, you can’t find the people around you wear a wig till you touch it.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of frontal wig in the market, 360 lace frontal wig human hair, frontal bob wig, blonde frontal wig, curly frontal wig, deep wave frontal wig and hd lace frontal wig. They named by different hair standard. Frontal wig from Julia hair mall is glueless frontal wig, so people whose skin is allergic don’t worry about it.

How to make a frontal wig?

1.Prepare human hair bundles with lace frontal, wig cap, head foam, pins, needle and threads.

2.Mark cornrows on the wig cap, you can sew the frontal first or leave out sew the hair weave first.

3.Sew the hair bundles along with the cornrows, then fix the lace frontal forehead.

4.Comb the hair you install on the wig cap, trim the mess hair which make the hair clean and tide.

5.Complete a frontal wig.Because the lace frontal is sewed by hair strands, the skill is complex, hair master should sew very hair in the lace and make the knots to avoid the hair shedding. All the hair products experienced strict test before selling.

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