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Lesley Monroe Malaysian Curly Hair Review

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Last updated Aug 8, 2018

malaysian curly

Virgin Malaysian Hair is one of the most popular hair types in the market.100% virgin Malaysian human hair weave is thick, soft, silky and lustrous in texture, no smell, no shedding and tangle free. Malaysian virgin hair weave in a variety of different textures including straight, wavy and curly. Today we will share you the most popular Malaysian curly hair.

If you want to buy the really good Malaysian curly hair weave, I will share you the real review from popular Youtube star Lesley Monroe about her new hair Malaysian curly hair bundles with lace closure. This review is a guide to help you to choose the right Malaysian curly hair bundles.

Lesley Monroe is a famous fashion girl, she loves to share makeup, fashion, hair, nails and so much more! The below is her real review.

Lesley Monroe Malaysian Curly Hair Review

My Favorite Hair

Today's video is going to be a review and a share updates all about this hair. This is the Malaysian curly hair of course by Julia hair. There was no surprise there right I didn't even try to a super job. Of course, I already know that I only with Julia hair it is my favorite hair, and today like I said I am trying demolition curly so you want to see my review and what's going on with my hair, and how many bundles is it a wig is it a sewing.

what's going on definitely stay tuned to the video to hear the review and there's an I'm like alright. I like Julia hair. But of course, if you want to know about my new hair, then definitely keep on watching.

You can see this video to learn more.

Hair Information: Malaysian curly hair bundles 24 24 26 with 20 closure

Highlights For Curly Hair

Other lenders here I was for them to blonde you, but I did want to actually like emphasize like the fact that I have highlights. Because I feel like I got highlights. And then last month, I kind of just like covered it with my blonde wig. So I wanted to really emphasize the fact that I have highlights, so this month I decided to try the Julia Malaysian curly hair and I love this hair.

I didn't highlight it and color it myself. As you can see there are some peaks of blonde within the curl, I think this hair so far is definitely one of my favorites.

Natural Look

I love their Brazilian straight hair. Though I still love their Brazilian straight, I think this one it's kind of like in a tie with a Brazilian straight, because I don't know for some reasons like I feel like this hair looks like it's just growing out of my head. So I do have naturally curly hair, but I will say that my hair is not like oily curly like it's currently. It's good enough that it's a little bit curlier than wavy.

But I don't know for some reasons, I feel like if my hair was super long, the curls will look exactly like this and you can see you probably can't even tell where is my leave out because it is blending so amazing. I always use my hair and make them into wigs. But this month, I don't know it's the summertime and I wanted something really versatile that I could just get up and go and get it wet. I don't have to worry about getting it wet. So I did.

brazilian straight

Natural Color And Loose Up

I definitely wanted to try their curly hair how the hair looks. Once you get it out the package as you can see it does come in a natural dark brown color and as you can see it is a lot more defined in the bundle. That's because this is not washed or anything like that. So, keep aware, that your bundles are going to look like this when you first get them until you wash them and then they're gonna loosen up and actually look a lot natural. But yet I just want to say that they did start off like this, so I did have them send me three bundles and a closure.

Full Volume

But I just want to say that the Malaysian curly hair as you can see this is one bundle and it is so super full that I didn't even need all of my bundles when I did my sewing. I used only two bundles. I used my two longest limbs which was a 26 inch and a 24 inch and then I did get a 20-inch closure. I didn't use the closure nor did I use the 22-inch. All I did was use the 24 into 26 to create this look. I didn't even do the highlights to this because it's ripped like once I've seen it out of the package.

I already knew I didn't need that much hair. I like it because the Malaysian curly is so full. So you can actually get away with using fewer bundles and the highlights.

natural curly hair

High Quality

When I did my Brazilian straight with the same Julia hair company to get this honey blonde color to add to bleach it two times to get this hair color and for these highlights only bleached it one time. And I didn't even use a toner. I thought I was going to have to tone my hair, obviously, I didn't want my highlights to look so brassy.

But for some reasons, like it just came out so perfect on the first try, so I was just so excited. So all I did was just leave them on my balcony in my back porch and I just let the sun do its thing and heat up the bleach. And it came out like this I washed it.

Deep Condition

I have to deep condition the hair, though because I didn't notice that when I first bleached the hair, I felt like the black parts of the hair bounced right back to it's not to stay obviously. Because I didn't bleach them but when it came to the blond parts it wasn't curling as nice as the black part. So I do just want to say that when you are going to color this hair just make sure you are using deep conditioner just to revive it again. Only because this is a 100% human virgin hair, so you want to treat it like it's your natural hair. Deep conditioned it and it's going to bounce right back. All I did was literally put my hair in the Tupperware.

Blend Perfect With Texture

I got my hair installed yesterday and I went to sleep, then this morning I styled it and did what I had to do. I'm just absolutely obsessed that's my new hair is really all I had to say about it do I approve do I like this hair. I don't know I'm feeling like very Spanish mommy vibes. I love the fact that is super duper long. I love the fact that it just blends perfectly with my texture. I did want to quickly mention if you do not have naturally curly hair, don't worry, because I know a lot of people are like. I don't have natural credit hair, so how does my leave I'm gonna blend with those bundles girl get yourself a tiny berry curly one and just wrap the hair.

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