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What Is Malaysian Hair And How To Maintain?


malaysian virgin hair

Malaysian hair has a high shine. If you are a person who desires that ultra-shiny, silky look, then Malaysian hair is for you. However, with time and a couple of washes, the hair will slowly lose that high shine and have a natural shine. 

More and more women love to purchase cheap bundles of Malaysian hair from our online store. If you want to know why people love Malaysian hair weave for sale, you can read this post to learn more.

But a lot of women don’t know what is real virgin Malaysian hair and how to maintain it. Don’t worry, here we will share with you the following contents to solve these problems in this article.

What You Will Learn In This Blog

1. What Is Malaysian Hair?

2. How To Wash Malaysian Virgin Hair?

3. How To Maintain Malaysian Curly Hair?

4. How To Maintain Malaysian Wavy Hair?

5. How To Maintain Malaysian Straight Hair?

6. How To Maintain Malaysian Hair While Swimming?

7. Video Tutorials On Caring Malaysian Hair

8. Generally Care Tips

Firstly, What Is Malaysian Hair?

Malaysian hair comes from South East Asia and is considered one of the best types of human hair extensions, and a must-have priority among celebs. For a full sew in human hair weave and to get a natural-looking, we recommended Malaysian wavy hair 4 bundles deals and 3 bundle deals. 

Clients love Malaysian hair weave because of the texture: Malaysian weave typically comes with a silky and lustrous look. Malaysian hair is popular with people who want to buy soft and shiny hair extensions. It comes in different styles to satisfy different demands, but the most popular ones are straight hair, body wave, kinky curl and Malaysian loose wave hair bundles.

malaysian remy hair

Features Of Wavy Malaysian Hair Bundles

    • Material: 100% Virgin Remy human hair
    • Hair Length: 8-30 Inch
    • Weight: 95-100g/bundle
    • Hair Quality: No smell, No tangling and No shedding
    • Color Type: Hair Color is Natural Black.
    • Easy to style, easy to achieve straight, a flirty curly, or beachy wave
    • Can be dyed, curled, and straightened

How To Wash Malaysian Virgin Hair?

    • Depending on the number of products being used, shampoo at least once a week.
    • Use a shampoo with a pH balance between 4.5 and 5.5 and preferably sulfate-free.
    • To prevent any mineral build up from unfiltered or hard water, wash your Malaysian human hair extensions with tepid purified or soft water.
    • Hold hair in a vertical position while massaging shampoo in a downwards position.
    • Because the hair strands are not receiving essential vitamins from the scalp, use a conditioner that is moisture-rich.
    • While conditioner is in the hair, comb through hair from ends to the scalp using a wide-tooth comb.
    • Rinse thoroughly and let hair weaves air dry.
    • When washing virgin Malaysian hair closures gently massage the shampoo into the hair working in a vertical position letting the hair fall into its natural position.

wash malaysian hair

How To Maintain Malaysian Curly Hair?

Malaysian Curly Hair is thick, coarse and comes with a tight but luxurious curl pattern. Malaysian hair should not be too tightly curled as this is a sign that it may have been unnaturally treated with some curling procedures that may have damaged the hair cuticles.

malaysian curly hair

Maintain Tips

    • Lightly wet the hair with a spray bottle, then using a weave brush or wide tooth comb, gently work from ends to root.
    • Kinky Curly Malaysian hair usually has a drier hair texture so while the hair is wet gently smooth over a leave-in conditioner or hair oil to help prevent frizzing throughout the day.
    • Be careful not to use an excessive amount.
    • Use alcohol-free products, low heat settings on hair tools, and heat protectant products for extra protection.
    • Do not brush through hair when it is dry because it will cause frizz. If needed, work through with a large wide tooth comb.
    • To help hair from tangling overnight, arrange hair in the loose braid on either side or back of head depending on how you normally sleep to avoid laying on hair as much as possible.
    • Avoid going to bed with wet hair because this can cause tangling and matting.

If You want to learn more About Malaysian Curly care tips, you can read this post: How To Care For Your Malaysian Curly Hair Weave?

How To Maintain Malaysian Wavy Hair?

Malaysian wavy hair can be considered heavy or thick when compared with Brazilian hair. It is extremely silky and has a beautiful natural shine. Malaysian hair has a beautiful wave pattern that blends with medium and coarse textures.

malaysian wavy hair

Maintain Tips

    • Gently brush or comb hair using a hair extension brush (loop) or wide tooth comb starting from ends working your way up to the root.
    • Use alcohol-free products, low heat settings on hair tools, and heat protectant products for extra protection.
    • To help hair from tangling overnight, arrange hair in the loose brand on either side or back of the head.
    • Avoid going to bed with wet hair because this can cause tangling and matting.

How To Maintain Malaysian Straight Hair?

Virgin Malaysian hair straight comes in many tones. It can range from light brown to dark brown to nearly black. The texture of virgin Malaysian hair is typically straight but it may also have slight waves at the time it is collected from the original donor. Malaysian hair blends well with relaxed hair.

malaysian straight hair

Maintain Tips

    • The shampoo is very important to hair care. Firstly we suggest using the moisturizing shampoo to wash your hair.
    • After washing your hair, please use hair conditioner, hair mask and olive oil to widely paint on your hair.
    • Towel wrap the hair for about 30 minutes. It is better to repeat this 1-2 time per week.
    • Please do not use hair dryers or leave the hair in the direct sunlight. Because silky hair is easy to be damaged when it is heated, and they will not be supple anymore.
    • Comb your hair every day using a wide tooth comb. Ensure that you comb your hair from top to bottom, and do not force the comb through tangles if any. The gentler you are with the hair, the more manageable it will be. 

How To Maintain Malaysian Hair While Swimming?

It is not recommended to swim in a pool or an ocean with hair extensions. If you do, you do at your own risk, but here are some recommended tips:

maintain tips while swimming

    • Before entering the water make sure to remove tangles and to wet weaves to minimize the weaves from absorbing any of the harsh water, and fix in a loose braid.
    • Don’t submerge head or swim underwater. It is not recommended to wear a swim cap from the chance that it could cause matting from friction or any water that might seep into while swimming.
    • No jumping or diving into the water.
    • If human hair Malaysian virgin becomes wet it is recommended to wash the hair immediately after and depending if the hair was submerged into the water to use a clarifying shampoo to remove chlorine or salt water, deep condition, and let air dry.

Video Tutorials On Caring Malaysian Hair

You can watch this video to learn more care tips directly.

Generally Care Tips

    • Air drying is highly recommended for all Malaysian hair types after washing and conditioning.  
    • Perform a co-wash at least once in 2-3 weeks.  
    • Try to always use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner. Avoid having to use any other styling products between washes.
    • Wrap your hair with a satin cap at night.
    • Use alcohol-free serums or products on hair. This will not dry out the hair and make it frizzy.  
    • Avoid heavy oils on hair as they will seep on to the hair extensions or hair closures, in turn weighing it down and resulting in restricted movement and potential tangling.
    • All human virgin hair bundles and hair closure will last longer if washed and conditioned at least once per week.

As you can see, with a little care and preparation the investment that you make in your 100 Malaysian human hair will yield you long-lasting results. If you care for them properly, they will keep you looking gorgeous for a long time to come.

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