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How to Care For Your Malaysian Curly Hair Weave

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Last updated Feb 17, 2023

malaysian curly

Every woman wants to have a beautiful curly weave to enhance her beauty and confidence. Malaysian curly hair is the best choice for you. Our Malaysian curly bundles are the tightest and kinkiest curls that we supply and give a natural look.

Malaysian curly hair is one of the most beautiful hair, and it can blend well with any hair. The curls of virgin and Remy virgin hair are very famous among African and American women. Do you have frizzy hair? Do you know how to care for your Malaysian curly hair? Do you have proper ideas?

With proper care, we can make it last a long time beauty; it can curl a long time. You have to put the necessary effort into maintaining your weave bundles serve you for a long time.

Caring for Malaysian virgin curly hair is similar in many ways. Here are some basic care tips that could apply to our curly Malaysian virgin hair.

Firstly, we can see the video from our customer about her big Malaysian Curly Hair.

How To Care For Your Malaysian Curly Hair?

Untangle Gently

Regular untangling can help keep your curly weave looking gorgeous for longer. To untangle, Brushing your curly hair when dry can cause it to poof, but it depends on the brush type you use. You can comb the weave tenderly by using of shower comb or wide tooth. Start with the base then come all the way right up to the track.

Another great way to remove tangles is to use your fingers as opposed to brushes as the tangles often worsen if brushed. A spray detangle can also help eliminate tangles. However, you can ditch the brush altogether and use a wide-toothed comb instead. A comb will also work better with damp hair.


When shampooing makes sure your hair is not bunched up or piled on top of your head. This badly tangles hair. Instead of doing this, gently wash vertically in one direction only. Be sure to use a rather gentle shampoo and don’t skimp on the quality. If your extensions are sew in human hair weaves, you need to treat them like your own.

malaysian curly hair

Dry Your Hair

Don’t use a regular towel when drying your hair because this promotes freezing. Use a microfiber towel or some old t-shirts to take some water off your waves instead. If you use a hair dryer on curly weaves will cause them to frizz and dry. If you want your weaves to serve you, air drying is the better alternative.

Swimming And Exercise

Wash your hair immediately after swimming! When dirt and sweat accumulate, hair mattes, tangles, and becomes unmanageable. Be sure always to wear a swim cap made of latex. Carefully comb out any tangles that may be present starting from the bottom and working your way up.

Once the hair has been detangled braid the hair in two braids to ensure that all of the hair is protected and tucked neatly under the cap. Following your dip, be sure to wash your hair immediately to remove any damaging chemicals that may have snuck under your cap.

curly malaysian hair


Never sleep on wet hair. Make sure your hair is dehydrated before you go to bed. It is also recommended to wrap your hair together or gently tie it up to prevent tangling.

Do’s And Don’ts

  • Before installing your virgin hair, conditioner wash hair first with a moisturizing conditioner.
  • Brush and detangle your hair before washing with a paddle brush or wide-tooth comb.
  • Shampoo 1-2 times a month. Co-wash hair at least once a week.
  • Air dry your virgin curly hair. Squeeze out excess water and air-dry hair.
  • Use a paddle brush or a wide-tooth comb when combing hair.
  • Begin combing small sections at the ends, working up towards the scalp.
  • Before you go swimming wash and leave the conditioner on your hair.
  • Don’t bleach, tint, perm, or use extreme heat on hair, you risk drying out your curly hair bundles. This might cause your hair to shed and tangle.
  • Don’t cut the wefts or tracks of your virgin hair. This will cause shedding.
  • Don’t over-shampoo your hair, as this will cause dryness.

So these are some helpful tips for women, we hope that you will defiantly read all the instructions and maintain your curly weave bundles well. The more you will care for your hair the more you will have the best high-quality hair product and assurance for your unique beauty.

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