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Why Malaysian Hair Is Most Popular?

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Last updated Nov 23, 2018

malaysian virgin hair weave

If you have ever shopped for hair extensions or weaves, then you know just how many different choices there are when it comes to buying hair. Whether you have visited a hair salon to discuss your options or browsed the internet, the choices are endless and making an appropriate decision that will work for you becomes so much harder when there are too many products to choose from the different hair types. In this post, we would like to focus on an item that has become very popular among people who wear weaves – Malaysian virgin hair bundles.

Virgin Malaysian Hair is one of the most popular hair types on the market. 100% virgin Malaysian human hair weave is thick, soft, silky and lustrous in texture, no smell, no shedding and tangle free. Malaysian virgin hair weave in a variety of different textures including straight, wavy and curly. You can choose different Malaysian hair bundles types by own hobby to restyle your hair. 

The Benefits Of Malaysian Virgin Hair

♥ Get Colors And Styles That You Want

One of the main benefits of hair from Malaysia is that it is accessible in the colors you want. For instance, if you are an African American woman seeking out hair weaves to match your natural hair color, you will find every shade from dark brown to off black. These weaves can also be used to enhance the color of your natural hair by using a shade lighter or darker. It is possible to get hair in a number of styles, including Malaysian curly hair.

♥ Healthy and Strong

One of the most prominent benefits of Malaysian virgin hair weave is that the virgin hair is remarkably strong. It is known to be thicker than other types of virgin hair, giving it a stronger hold than others. It doesn’t matter if you have curly hair or straight hair, Malaysian virgin hair bundles work well with both and match most women’s hair textures.

♥ Silky and Bouncy

Other benefits of Malaysian virgin hair extensions include its softness, silkiness, and bounciness. Many people select this type of hair because of its thickness as most are concerned with the volume and fullness they will get from Malaysian virgin hair extensions.

malaysian straight virgin hair

♥ Un-chemically Treat

Virgin Malaysian hair is one of the most popular hair extension options because they aren’t chemically treated, lending them a much sought-after silky and smooth feel. High-quality Malaysian hair is expensive, but it will be money well-spent because of how many times you can reuse it. Also, just because they’re not chemically-treated doesn’t mean you can no longer color them or process them, so feel free to alter their look to your heart’s content.

Additionally, virgin hair is not processed in any manner. It is not straightened, permed, colored, dyed or bleached. Recipients receive the hair in its natural state. For virgin hair that is considered Remy, the cuticles remain intact and lie in the same direction, giving the hair a more natural appearance. 

malaysian curly virgin hair

♥ Natural To Blend Into Your Hair

Malaysian hair bundle deals are that they are so natural that they will simply blend into your hair. Even you will not be able to tell where your hair starts and the extension starts after a few days of use. The real charm of using Malaysian hair extensions is that you can style and trim virgin hair extensions the same way you would your own hair. You can curl, flatten, weave, straighten, relax, and wash and shampoo your hair extensions without damaging them at all.

♥ Malaysian Virgin Hair Types

Besides hair weaves, there are other types of Malaysian virgin hair. Malaysian lace closure and frontal are used in woven with Malaysian weave to completely cover the wearer's natural hair. With the closure of Malaysian lace, your whole hair is protected and allowed to grow in a peaceful manner.

♥ Easy Style

Because virgin Malaysian hair is natural and healthy, you can use iron tools to shape your hair. It's possible that there are many Malaysian haircuts. For straight hair, you can curl your hair and straighten your hair. In the Malaysian body wave, you can curl your hair, especially regain fading waves, but we advise you not to straighten your hair because it will curl your hair. Curly Malaysian weave is the best style for simple use of water and curls activator, not through the hot iron tool. Usually, it's enough to make your curls look fresh.

malaysian body wave virgin hair

♥ Help To Hide Damage

Most women have hair damage, but by using natural Malaysian virgin hair extensions, the damage is easy to conceal when applied properly. On top of this, if your hair is dry and flat, hair extensions can be used to add volume, without the use of artificial products. 

♥ Long Lasting

Virgin Malaysian hair bundles are long-lasting if properly maintained. Malaysian hair is also known for its shine, which gives people a fresh look. The hair will give off a natural appearance after a few washes. Another benefit of using Malaysian hair is that there won’t be a need for the excessive amount of hair products like hairspray or hair oils. Whether you have curly or wavy hair, it will hold in place without any need for many products.

There are so many benefits and it is a most popular hairstyle, so Malaysian virgin hair is a trend and must be fashionable. Malaysian hair has given everyone a new confidence.

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