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How To Tell If You Have Damaged Hair?

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Last updated Nov 23, 2018

It's important to stay aware of your overall hair health. Before you consider new treatments, dyes or an all-together new do, take stock of your hair's current state and evaluate how your hair care routine is affecting it. By being wise to the signs of damage you can make easy changes that will pay off in healthy, luscious locks.

No matter you have virgin Brazilian body wave hair or Malaysian loose wave virgin hair and so on. You must take good care of your hair and know if your hair has damaged and how to repair. Don’t worry, we will help you to solve these problems in this post. Follow Reading!

damaged hair

Signs Of Damaged Hair

Split Ends

This damage can occur due to everyday wear and tear, but the usual suspects are things like styling, friction from brushing, excessive use of heated tools, and in some cases, hair treatments like bleaching.

Dull hair

Dry, damaged hair often looks dull and lackluster. This is because when hair is dry or damaged, the cuticles (or shafts) are flapped up, and therefore, light cannot be reflected properly on the hair surface.

Brittle Texture

To test whether or not your hair is damaged, hold a section of hair upside down so that your ends are pointing upward. Run your finger over the end to test the texture. Are they soft, or are they hard and brittle? A brittle, dry texture denotes a damaged hair shaft that is not absorbing moisture well.

No Shine Or Lustre

After you wash your hair, it should become shinier than when it’s dirty. If this doesn’t happen, your hair is damaged. The loss of luster is one of the first signed of heat damaged hair. Many women turn to using more heat to repair the problem and only worsen the condition. If the cluster is gone, it’s hard to get back. So heating should be eliminated immediately.

More Tangled

Healthy hair is supple and moisturized, so it shouldn’t be hard to comb out after a bath or shower. Damaged hair will clump and stick together, making it hard to get through, even with the aids of leave-in conditioners and styling products. If your hair is constantly tangled in knots and hard to comb out, it could mean that it is damaged.

healthy virgin human hair

Less Bounce

Strong and elastic hair is healthy hair. If you hold a strand of hair between your fingers and pull on it, and it does not stretch or easily breaks, it is likely damaged. Healthy hair will not only stretch when pulled, but it will bounce back to its original shape when you let go.

Flat, Lifeless Locks

Hair that’s damaged or dry is often much harder to style and manage. You won’t be flaunting bouncy, voluminous locks if your strands aren’t looking and feeling healthy!

Heat Damage

You'll know whether your heat styling tools are adversely affecting your mane -- the texture will be brittle and you'll probably have split ends.

Extreme Breakage and Shedding

Your hair has definitely been weakened if you see large amounts falling out when you comb, brush or style your locks.

Lack of Moisture

Healthy hair is supple and soft, not brittle and dry. If you have dry hair, you might not use conditioner with enough frequency -- conditioner locks and seals moisture on your hair shaft.

Hard To Manage

If the 5 minutes you used to spend on styling your hair in the morning are turning into a tedious half an hour, your locks are most likely damaged by the heat. Damaged hair is hard to style. It keeps becoming frizzy and the strands tend to look messy. If you are ending up wearing a ponytail just because holding the hair in place is impossible, consider new styling methods that don’t include heat.

Video Tutorials

Are you wondering if you have damaged hair? Are you not sure if it is heat damage or not? I have five ways to tell if your hair is damaged by signs that you may or may not be aware of! Check them out in this video!

So What Is Healthy Hair?

The Ultimate Hair Repair and Reconditioning Manual, the healthy hair as damaged hair that is well-maintained. Characteristics of healthy hair or hair that is in good condition include the appropriate balance of the following properties:

    • Elasticity – the ability of the hair to be stretched or manipulated without breaking.
    • Porosity – the ability of the hair to absorb moisture.
    • Strength – the ability of the hair to resist breakage with manipulation.

Healthy textured hair should:

    • Have minimal breakage;
    • Feel soft to the touch;
    • Appear shiny or possess sheen;
    • Have the ability to properly retain moisture;
    • Have a fairly uniform curl pattern from the base of the hair to the ends;
    • Return back to its original position after being stretched.

How Can I Keep My Hair Healthy?

Once you’ve determined if your hair is more dry than damaged or vice-versa, you can begin proper treatment. Damaged hair requires protein-based conditioners in order to be restored, while dry hair needs moisture-based conditioners.

It’s important to remember that your hair can be a little of both. The trick to a healthy mane is the balance. Alternate between protein-based and moisture-based conditioners, using a deep conditioner about once a week.


You know your own hair bundles with closure. If it was soft and full before and now it’s dull, thinning, tangled, and will not hold a style, then you know something isn’t right. If it feels different, looks different, or your old products just aren’t doing the trick, investigate to see if you have any damaging habits — and then stop doing them! Your hair will keep healthy and have a good look.

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