How To Get Straight, Silky And Shiny Hair?


While some girls are going to extreme lengths to curl their hair, here is that section of girls who are trying to get silky straight virgin hair. You don’t need to use the straightening rods all the time to get straight hair. You can get straight and silky hair without damaging them using the heat-based products. Here are some natural hacks to get silky, shiny, and straight hair without using a straightening iron.

virgin straight hair

Simple Tips To Get Silky, Shiny Straight Hair

Rinse the Hair With Cold Water

Cold water does not allow the hair to shrink and so they remain straight. Warm water opens the cuticles of the hair while cold water closes the pores. Cold water also lets the hair stay flat and prevents it from rolling. Some people are having a habit of using hot water to wash their hair on a regular basis.  But, it is not a good practice as this can give rise to rough and dry hair. Even there is a good chance that your hair will fall out.

Pick the Right Shampoo And Conditioner

Sun, heat-styling, chlorinated water and chemical styling processes leach protein from hair and make curly hair especially difficult to manage or style straight. Shampoos and conditioners that are protein-enhanced temporarily smooth the outer portion of the hair fiber, making strands glossier and more manageable. Look for products that are labeled acid- or pH-balanced; many contain hydrolyzed keratin.

Use A Protective Serum

If you want shiny locks, chances are you blow dry your hair — and if it’s a straight style you’re after, a flat iron’s likely involved as well. Though these do create a shiny appearance right away, over time damage from regular heat styling will actually reduce the luster and degrade the smooth texture of your hair. When you can, step away from the heat stylers and give your hair a day off.

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Be Gentle With Wet Hair  

Curly hair is especially fragile when it's wet, so blot -- don't scrub -- hair with a towel to dry. Keep in mind that those super-plush towels that feel so good against your wet skin aren't the best choice for blotting your hair. 

Pat Dry Your Hair

It is advisable to avoid rubbing the hair with a towel after wash. They must be wrapped in a towel to remove the excess water. Rubbing wet hair tends to damage the hair and lead to breakage. It is really important to stay away from the habit of tiding the wet hair. Your hair roots are very sensitive and can easily break once a single pull is followed.

Get Regular Trims

Regular trims of your hair help to keep the hair ends smooth by getting rid of the split ends which spoil the appearance of the straightened hair. Even if you’re growing out your hair, keeping up with regular trims is key for smooth strands. Even if your roots look amazing and polished, damaged and split ends will ruin that illusion.

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How To Straighten Hair Naturally?

Celery Leaves

Crush a few fresh celery leaves and mix them with a little water. Squeeze it to extract the juice and store it in the bottle. The bottle has to be left unused for at least a day, so as to allow the juice to develop properties and effectiveness for straightening. Using it regularly, preferably in the morning before bath will help in straightening hair. Massage it well on the scalp and leave it for 15-30 minutes, prior to washing it off with a shampoo.

Milk To Straighten Hair

This is a very popular method of making the hair straight using milk. Milk is known to have moisturizing properties, which are suitable for straightening the hair. Take half a cup of milk, preferably boiled and cooled. Then mix it with half a cup of water. Store it in a spray bottle and spray over the hair. Allow it to stand for half an hour, before shampooing the hair. This mixture will help in straightening as well as softening the hair naturally.  

how to straighten hair naturally

Castor Oil For Shiny Straight Silky Hair

Castor oil is known to have hair growth and hair straightening properties. Massage the oil on the scalp, along with your hair strands and then comb your hair properly. As you comb, blow dry your hair, which has been separated into sections, on high heat. The hair should feel dry and not only after being blow-dried. When done, wrap it in a chilled towel and leave for half an hour. It will soothe the hair from excessive heat and will restore straightness. 

Point Your Dryer Down

Again, air drying is best for your hair. But if you’re in a hurry or working on a serious style, be sure you’re blow-drying the right way. Get a hairdryer and a good hairbrush, which will stretch and hold your hair firmly in place. Comb your wet hair and while it is still wet, use the hairbrush to stretch a section of hair by rolling it in end and then blow dry it. Repeat the process for other sections of wet hair till dry. You will get perfectly straight hair in no time! 

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Waring Tips

♥ Comb Your Hair Twice A Day – Never be harsh with your hair, be gentle and never pull too hard. Regular combing improves the blood circulation in the scalp and spreads your natural oils evenly through your hair.

♥ Avoid Heat – Stay away from straightening or curling or perming for that matter as it is quite harmful to your hair.

♥ Comb With Care – Taking a brush straight to wet hair is a recipe for frizz and breakage. For smooth strands, use a wide-toothed comb on damp hair.

♥ Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day – Washing your hair every single day strips out the natural oils and will leave your hair looking dry and frizzy. Try to wash every 3 days.

♥ Avoid Using Hot Water – Hot water will remove the oils from your hair, so don’t have the heat turned up too high when you wash your hair.

Here are some tips that can help you get straight, silky and shiny hair. With the help of some product from the market and with some natural ingredients you can enjoy beautiful straight hair all along.

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