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Best Short Curly Bob Hairstyles Remy Human Hair

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Curly Bob Hairstyles For Sale

Short curly bob hairstyles is a new fashion among African American women. Curly bob hairstyles wig for black women just as a decoration to add their appearance score. No matter long curly wigs or short curly bob wigs, they all like it. Customers who like wear wigs, they buy at least 2 wigs for replace.

Curly bob black hairstyle is a competitive hair product which solve the people want to have a wig at low price but high quality. Curly bob wig is completed by human hair, human hair cost is very hair, but the quality is high too. It can be reused and co-wash with proper care, the short length make the cost lower than the long hair.

There are various curly bob wigs, such as lace curly wig which sewed by machine with curly hair weft, lace front curly wig, full lace curly wig which is the expensive one, because the hair was sewed by hand. The process and skill is more complex and difficult.

How to take care of your curly bob weave.

It is as easy as other hairstyle, but there are some points should be pay attention to.

A curly wig is sewed by curly human hair extension and a lace closure or a lace frontal, because the hair is virgin remy hair, the wig is high-quality, no chemical, healthy and full ends, no lice and split.the whole wig seems very soft, glossy and shiny.

1.Wash 2-4 weeks to keep it clean. Please use the warm water to keep the hair soft.

2.Use wig hair shampoo to protect the hair cuticle, after washing it, please make sure apply good quality hair conditioner to hold the curl and keep glossy.

3.Please don’t twist the hair which will make the hair mess and knot.

4.When you use the flat iron, please set a proper temperature avoid damage the hair and make the hair turn to dry.

Shop best curly bob wigs for black women in Julia hair mall, create your special beauty with our curly bob weave.

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