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Wet and wavy weave, best wet and wavy human hair weave

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Wet and wavy hair weave styles

Julia hair mall offers wet and wavy weave, 100% human hair, easy to style and available in many wave hairstyles. Brazilian wet and wavy hair weave, Malaysian, Indian, and Peruvian virgin hair.

How to make weave look wet and wavy?

For many people, the weave will be dry and split after using a period. How to restore your weave wet and wavy confused them, here are ways to protect your weave wet and wavy.

1.Prepare warm water, hair weave shampoo only, comb, conditioner, towel, headstand.

2.Rinse your hair bundles in the warm water with shampoo after combing, wait for a few minutes. Please don’t apply shampoo on the hair weave directly, or it will ruin the hair.

3.Fresh your hair by clean water after washing. Parting your hair by one thread and another, please don’t brush your hair when it is wet.

4.Apply the hair conditioner on the end, please don’t use it on the hair roots, or it will make the hair knots loose and shedding. Wait for at least 5 minutes, then fresh it by warm water.

5.Don’t twist the hair, use the towel absorb the water in the hair till there were no water drop.

6.Put the hair on the headstand till the hair weave dry, use some hair oil to make it shiny and glossy.

7.Please don’t wash your hair weave frequently, 2 or 3 times is good for protecting it.

Shop best wet and wavy human hair weave in Julia hair mall, there are various kinds for choosing. Wet and wavy quick weave, wet and wavy bob hair, and wet and wavy lace wigs.

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