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Brazilian Curly Hair Weave, 100 Human Hair

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Brazilian Curly Hair Weave

Brazilian curly hair weave is one kind of hairstyle in Julia hair mall. More and more popular among African American women. The curls are tight and good shape. There are Brazilian kinky curly hair weave and Brazilian jerry curly hair weave. Curly Brazilian hair weave is 100 human hair, no chemical process, no smell, no split, and no lice. The hair is healthy and nice hair bundles.

How to wash your Brazilian curly weave hair?

Open your virgin Brazilian curly hair weave, comb the ends by wide-tooth avoid the hair tangle and shedding.

Prepare warm water in the sink, put some hair shampoo mix it.

Immerse your hair weave into the water, wait for few minutes about 5-10. please don’t twist it in order to avoid the hair matte and split. Use your finger grasp the hair till it clean.

Fresh the hair with clean water, then apply some hair conditioner. Wait for 3-5 minutes till the hair absorb the nutrition.

Wash the hair conditioner till your curly hair weave clean.

Absorb the water by towel, then dry it on the hair stand. Please don’t use the blower which will make the hair dry. If you are hurry, make sure set the low temperature..

Shop best Brazilian virgin curly hair weave from Julia hair mall online, create your own beauty and confidence. Except for Brazilian weave curly hair, we also have Peruvian curly hair weave, Malaysian curly hair weave, and Indian curly hair weave. Choose cheap Brazilian curly hair weave, real human hair..

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