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How Many Bundles Do You Need With A 360 Lace Frontal?

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Last updated Nov 7, 2022

360 lace frontal

360 lace frontal is one of the most popular hair products in hair weaves, the other two best-selling hair types are always Brazilian straight and body wave lace closure.

360 Lace Frontal is a lace headband with hair attached to it. The 360 frontal recreates the complete hairline around the entire head. This frontal allows you to rock pretty much any hairstyle.

With Pre Plucked 360 lace frontal, do you know how many bundles you will need to buy to match it? There are four factors you need to consider before deciding how many bundles to buy with a 360 lace frontal. They are the size of your head, hair length, hair texture and your desired hair volume.

The Factors You Need To Consider

The Size Of Your Head

If your head is bigger or smaller you'll need to adjust the number of bundles you purchase to accommodate that. In the US, the average size of a woman's head is 22.5". Grab your measuring tape and wrap it around your head from ear-to-ear so it fits comfortably and figures out your measurements. If you're above average you may need more hair, if you're less than average you may need less.

360 lace frontal

Hair Length

Rule of thumb: the longer the length of your bundles, the more hair your generally going to need. All virgin hair naturally thins out towards the tips, so we suggest more bundles for a fuller look from root to tip.

On average if you need a full head done, you must have at least two bundles. Anything longer than 22 Inches requires one more bundle. Anything from above 26 Inches will require about 4 to 5 bundles.

hair length

Hair Texture

Are you the queen of sleek or do you live for waves and curls?  Straight hair and curly hair are on the opposite sides of the density spectrum which must be taken into account when deciding how many bundles of weave you'll need.

Wavy or tight curly hair may make your hair look fuller, so you will need fewer bundles for these hair textures. Wearing curly hair, we recommend 2 or 3 bundles for a natural full look, while for straight hair, you might need more bundles to create a super full look, about 3 to 4 bundles.

hair texture

Your Desired Hair Volume

Not unique but important factor is how full you wish your hair. If you want much volume, you can buy more bundles without any leaving out. If you only need part sew in, you can buy fewer bundles.

Simple Steps On Installing a Lace Frontal

Prepare the Hair

This can go for frontal you’re about to install or the hair on your head. Either way, both need to be ready for the process! Make sure your lace frontal is customized to your head, and the braiding pattern is flat!

Measure the Frontal

Before you sew, place the frontal onto your head and adjust the frontal to where you want it placed. This helps to ensure the frontal doesn’t look “wiggish”. Decide how far down the natural hairline you want it to go.

Began Installing

Most of the women like to start sewing the sides of the lace frontal down first and then the back. But, do whatever you feel is best for yourself or you!

Finishing Touches

Style your human hair bundles, cut the lace off in the front, lay your baby hairs, and slay the day away!

360 lace frontals

360 Lace Frontal Tips And Tricks

Less Hair: You won't need as much hair as you normally do with a closure. So two bags and a 360 Frontal is more than enough for a full head.

Match The Color: Try to match the lace to the color of your scalp. You can use concealer one or two shades lighter than your regular concealer. Then with a precise concealer brush deposit the concealer into the part line of your 360 Frontal.

Coffee Rinses: If you want to get the entire piece to match your tone try to do a coffee rinse. Brew a cup of coffee that is about the tone of your scalp ( a little lighter than your skin tone).

Watch the Density: Look for 360 lace frontal that has a little less density around the part line and the hairline. Our 360 Frontal is perfect for this because we are sticklers for products that look realistic.

Create Natural Layers: You don't need to have a really long frontal, it just won't look realistic. So try to go for something that is significantly shorter than your hair so that it blends in a realistic way.  


In summary, the bundles quantity with 360 lace frontal depends on your actual situation and your personal requirement. If you are getting 10-18 inches or 16 inches, 2 bundle deals with 360 lace frontal will suffice. Hair length past 16 or 18 inches, I would suggest you get 3 bundles, so from a 16 inch, 18inch to about 22inch, 24inch, 3 bundles will suffice.  

For example, if you are having a frontal and your longest bundles is 24 inches, you can get a frontal and 20" 22" 24" bundles and that should be good for a lace frontal sew in and give your desired look.

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