Natural Wet And Wavy Human Hair Weave Bundles

Wet And Wavy Hair Bundles

Best Wet And Wavy Hair Weave Bundles From Julia Hair

In the coming summer, wet curly hair will be a new trend, because it has no net cap design, which is very convenient and cool. JuliaHair offers all 100% Remy Martin virgin hair, without chemicals, easy to shape, and wear-resistant. JuliaHair bundles are popular with young women and girls every summer, and their sales are very high.

You can find the best wet and wavy human hair bundles including Brazilian hair bundles, Malaysian virgin hair, Peruvian human hair weave, Indian hair extension, and wet and wavy with closure.

How To Care For Wet And Wavy Braiding Hair?

Maintaining wet and wavy hair is not as difficult as people think. Incorporate some of the below tips for gorgeous wet and wavy human hair bundles. Your hair will always be clean and fresh. 

1. Use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to remove knots or tangles from your wet and wavy weave.

2. Wash and condition the weave every 7-14 days with high-quality shampoo and conditioner.

3. Blow-dry your wet and wavy weave on a low heat setting or allow the weave to air-dry completely.

4.Style wet and wavy weave with a soft bristle brush and your favorite moisturizer or styling products.

5. Avoid using heat styling tools on real wet and wavy human hair weaves.

6.Before going to sleep, braid wet and wavy hair bundle deals into 2-4 braids. Always sleep with a silk or satin scarf or pillow.

7. When exercising, wear your wet and wavy hair extension in 2 braids or a ponytail.

8. When swimming, cover your wet and wavy bundles with a swimming cap in chlorinated pools and to avoid getting the weave wet.

How To Achieve Wet And Wavy Hair?

Step 1: Use a soft paddle brush to brush out any tangles.

Step 2: Taking one section of hair at a time, spray a mixture of water and conditioner onto the hair which uses mostly water with a dash of conditioner.

Step 3: After spraying each section, scrunch the hair to activate the curls. Repeat the above steps throughout the hair.

Step 4: Brush the wet activated curls with a soft wet brush to tame stray hair strands. Scrunch hair from the bottom to liven up the curls and let the hair air dry.

Step 5: Apply little natural oil or serum when fully dry for luster.

Warming Tips

Set days when you will be washing your hair to retain its beauty. Avoid excessive washing as this will damage the hair. When over-washed, the luscious look will be eroded, and that is not what we want.

While it is important that your hair stays clean, moderation is vital. How your hair looks says a lot about you hence the need to ensure that it looks good. You don’t have to use a ton of products to maintain it, once you figure out what works for you. Don’t be shy to try different styles and shows your confidence and elegance.