Wig Length Chart 2024 --Do you know everything about it?


When choosing a wig, we should not only consider its density, color, and material but also consider its length.

Most women think that the wig length is only a measurement of the unit of hair from beginning to end. If you buy a wig based on this understanding, the actual wig may be shorter than you expected. After all, the hair of wigs with different textures may be curly or wavy, which will make the hair look shorter than the original length.

To help you buy the right hair length, we have made this useful guide. It will let you know all kinds of hair lengths and how to measure the hair length you need.

1. What Is The Hair Length Of A Wig?

Wig length refers to the length of hair from the top of the head to the place where the hair falls. The common wig length is 8 to 32 inches.

The most commonly purchased wigs are 12-24 inches long because they are neither too short nor too long, and even beginners can handle them directly.


1)Short Human Hair Wig Lengths

8-inch wig

Suitable for anyone who wants to stay cool in summer or during exercise. For asymmetric cutting, cute short curly hair is a perfect length; If it is straight, it will be longer than your chin.

10-inch wig

It is an excellent choice for women who like short styles but think 8 inches is too short. Suitable styles are slightly longer middle or side bob or interesting spiral curly hair; If it is straight hair, the length falls just above the collarbone.

12-inch wig

This length of the wig is a bit embarrassing. It is too short to tie up, and it will make you feel uncomfortable if it falls around your neck. Suitable styles include curly bob and beach waves. If it is straight hair, the length falls near the collarbone of most people.

14-inch wig

Between medium and long hair. It is very suitable for wavy curls, spiral curls or ultra-tight curls, bangs and bobs, and layered feather styles. If it is straight, it falls a few inches above the bra strap on the back.

16-inch wig

This length is suitable for all styles, from loose wave hair and deep wave hair to small curly hair and straight hairstyles. Long hair falls on the right side of the chest.

2)Medium Human Hair Wig Lengths

18-inch wig

It is considered the favorite length of women, including curly hair, silky straight hair, provocative waves, and other styles. Hair length probably hangs down from your shoulders.

20-inch wig

Suitable for gorgeous styling and unforgettable occasions. If you want your hair to fly with the wind and bounce when you walk, it may be a good choice for you. This length of hair will hang down to the waist, but if you go out often or get hot soon, then this length may be unbearable.

22-inch wig

Very suitable for ladies who want eye-catching styling, usually including layered curly hair and wavy or fashionable straight style. It's longer than your waist, but not long enough for you to sit on it.

24-inch wig

This hair length is long, about 55-56 cm. With 24-inch straight hair, it will probably reach your waist and to your next position.

2)Long Human Hair Wig Lengths

26-inch wig

Hair at this length usually reaches the waist, whether curly or straight and may even reach the hips for some people, depending on their height and torso length.

28-inch wig

Hair length that typically extends to or past the hips, this length gives you plenty of creative freedom, whether you prefer big curls, braids, or a sleek, straight look.

30-inch wig

This is a very long length and usually hangs down to the tailbone. Almost any style can be imagined, but it also requires a lot of energy to maintain it.

32-inch wig

The length of 80 cm will surprise you, so wigs of this length are purchased in smaller quantities.

2. How To Measure The Length Of A Wig?

length chart show

2.1. Leave the fake on the wig head or flat on the table. If your wig is curly or wavy, please straighten your hair gently.

2.2. Use a soft tape measure to measure the longest hair bundle on the device. Make sure to measure from the crown to the end of the hair.

2.3.Write down this measurement.If your wig is not cut symmetrically, you can measure the hair length of different parts on the device according to the above steps. This will give you an accurate idea of the hair length of each part.

3. Wig Lengths Of Different Styles

3.1 Straight hair

The length of straight hair is usually true because straight hair does not have any curl or kink over the whole length.

3.2 Curly hair

Due to natural twists and turns, curly hair looks shorter than you expected. The wig label shows the size of curly hair when it is straight, so you need to buy hair a few inches longer than expected.

4. How To Choose The Best Hair Length?

4.1.Your height

If you are below average height, the wig will look longer on you. On the other hand, if you are tall, wearing a wig will look shorter.

4.2.Your face

A slender face is suitable for wigs of any length; A round face is suitable for wigs of 16-20 inches; A square face is suitable for 8-10 inch wigs.

4.2.Your lifestyle

If your lifestyle is particularly active, you should choose a shorter wig so that you don't have to deal with the hair on your shoulders, neck, and back.

4.4. The density of wigs

Wigs with higher density are more likely to be full over the whole length of wigs, while wigs with lower density may not. Learn how to choose wig density.


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