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What is The Best Hair Type For Sew In Weave?

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Last updated Nov 5, 2022

virgin hair weave

Hair is very important for every woman. The most important factor in the way of your looks behaves is a type of having good sew in weave. We all want to have a good weave hair to blend well with our own hair and make your hair look natural and real. For this reason, we must choose the best hair type for our sew in weave.

What is your best weave hair for texture?

There are a variety of hair weave types and hair textures for your sewing in hair. There are different reasons why some weave is better than others. Virgin human hair is our top choice. Because virgin hair has never been processed that is the most popular grade of weave hair, this hair can be used for multiple installs and it can also be color treated. For sew-in weave, the best hair type is 100% virgin human hair.

Hair Types For Sew In Weave

As we all know, black women have many different textures of hair. We must choose the best hair types to blend well with any hair texture. Luckily, there’s a variety of different textures and types of weave hair that can suit just about any texture. The most popular types of weave hair are Brazilian human hair weave, Malaysian virgin hair bundles, Peruvian weave hair bundle deals and Indian Remy hair extensions.

Each type of hair weave is characterized by a particular texture and comes in multiple wave patterns including body wave, deep wave, loose wave, natural wave, straight and curly in any color for your beauty. You can choose the best and the most suitable hair type for your sew-in weave.

Each Type Of Weave Hair

Brazilian Hair

brazilian hair

Brazilian hair is one of the best hair textures for African American women and the most sought after hair types in the world. This hair texture is very full, very thick, soft feel, durability and just flat our fabulous which make you have a beauty look.

Brazilian virgin hair blends well with all types of hair to African American and will give a full body look straight out of the package. With a low to the medium luster and natural density, Brazilian hair weave will require fewer bundles to create a full look.

Malaysian Hair

malaysian hair

Malaysian hair is very soft and full of luster. It blends best with relaxed textures and girls with very fine, silky hair. Malaysian human weave hair is clear but not too sleek and oily looking. Great for holding curls, Malaysian hair can maintain curly and wavy styles without the need for additional products.

Virgin Malaysian hair bundles blend extremely well with African American hair and are less likely to frizz up at the first sign of moisture or humidity. Given its versatility, luster and popularity, Malaysian hair surely deserves its place on the list of best virgin hair choices in the world.

Peruvian Hair

peruvian hair

Peruvian hair is sought after quite a bit because of its multi-purpose texture. This hair blends perfectly with African American women, relaxed and natural as well as medium, coarse hair textures. Peruvian hair is lightweight, free-flowing and luxurious. Extremely the hair is dense, full, and beautifully dark, it can require fewer bundles to create a voluminous look.

Indian Hair

indian hair

Indian virgin hair is one of the most common and widely available hair types on the market today. Indian Remy hair is the thickest texture. It suit must natural women since Indian hair is very textured and comes with a very natural luster.

Indian virgin hair has a very fine density and has a light bouncy feel to it. This makes it easy to curl and style. With textures ranging from straight to curly, Indian virgin hair is the best choice for your sew in weave hair if you like hair that is versatile and flexible when it comes to styling.

Each Hair Texture Of Weave Hair

Straight Weave Hair

straight weave hair

straight hair, which reflects the most sheen and also resilient of all the hair types. Straight hair is very hard to damage, and also difficult to curl. It’s resistant to curling and usually requires the use of chemicals for this to be done permanently.

Wavy Weave Hair

wavy weave hair

Wavy hair has a texture and sheen between straight and curly hair and is likely to become fizzy. It has s-shaped curls down its length or much of the hair can appear straight with slight bends towards the ends of the hair. Wavy hair can frizz fairly easily and requires care to achieve perfect waves. Fine wavy hair can be tamed and easily styled, however, medium and coarse hair can be hard to style.

Curly Weave Hair

curly weave hair

curly hair, which, is known to have an S-shape. The pattern of the hair resembles an ‘S’ shape and sometimes a ‘Z’ shape. This type of hair is usually voluminous, climate dependent, and damage prone. Curly hair tends to do so down the entire length of the hair shaft. Strand thickness can range from fine to coarse but is most often fine.


People with straight hair have round hair fibers, and people with oval and other shaped fibers tend to have more wavy or curly hair. Now, you have well-known all about hair types and hair textures for your sew-in weave, we hope you found this guide useful and informative. Thus, you can choose the best and most suitable hair type for you to make a natural, real, beautiful look.

Julia Remy hair weaves are carefully selected to guarantee the hair you receive is high quality 100% pure human hair. With our Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, and Indian hair, straight, curly, and wavy hairstyles, you are sure to have minimal tangling, shedding, and breakage. New Year New Look. Choose Us Choose beauty!

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