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The Top 9 Best Bob Wigs You Should Try for 2024 Summer

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Last updated Feb 6, 2024

Bob hairstyles have always been quite the hot favorite among celebrities and runway stars! 2024 Summer is approaching, do you want to change a hairstyle to suit this summer? Wavy or curly hair wigs seem too thick. If you are thinking about going with a bob, you have many cool, sexy, and classy fabulous looks to choose from, it looks thin and more comfortable.

1.Why Choose Short Bob Wigs?

1)Bob Wigs style is more and more popular in 2024.

2)Differ from other wig styles, bob wig hairstyles to keep you looking fresh and fashionable. It is easy to match clothes, this is the biggest reason.

3) Bob wig is short hair, normal length is around your ear, long one will be your shoulder. This length of hair won’t touch your clothes, it won't have large static electricity. 

4)Hair can minimize the cost and maintenance, so you have an amazing hairstyle and keep for a longer time.

5)In addition, you can also attach this new style with some added styles. Try this cute, small, inverted look to get a natural effect.

2. Bob Wig Length Chart

straight bob wig length

The length of 8 inches is generally flush with the chin, but the curly bob wig is relatively short. Young girls and middle-aged women will choose to use this length of hairstyle. The length of 10 inches is slightly longer than 8 inches and is located 3-4 cm below the earlobe. This length of wig is very fashionable and cool, giving people a visually unique dressing effect.

curly bob wig length

The 12-inch bob wig is a universal wig length for most people, especially a straight bob wig, which may cover the neck and be level with the shoulders; and if you prefer a less-than-shoulder-length bob wig, the 12-inch curly bob wig will be the right choice! The length of the 14-inch wig is about 36 cm. This length will touch your shoulders or reach the top of your back, which is perfect for women who like shoulder-length hairstyles.

3.How To Cut Wig Into Bob?

If you have a longer wig and want a bob wig, but don’t want to buy a new wig, you can follow the steps below to make one manually.

First, put the wig on the drying rack, iron your wig with an iron to make sure it is straight so that you can cut the wig more accurately; then divide it into two parts, the left and right parts, and then take a small part of the hair on the left and cut it directly with scissors into the shape you want. The rest of the hair can be cut according to the length you want. Use your palm as the background and cut a small number of times. After cutting, blow-dry your hair and use spray to style and texture it.If you don’t want so much trouble or don’t have a wig, it is recommended to buy a bob wig directly. Here are the top 10 best ones sold by Julia. You can learn more about it.

4. The Top 9 Best Bob Wigs For 2024

1)Glueless Straight Bob Wig

Glueless Straight Bob Wig

The short straight glueless wig is a wig suitable for beginners that requires no glue or gel and is easy to install and secure. With 6x4.75 and 7x5 pre-cut lace design, this wig allows you to show off your hairline and edges, looking very natural and realistic. Perfect for beginners, lazy girls, daily work or exercise.

2)Water Wave Wear Go Bob Wig

Water Wave Wear Go Bob Wig

If you want a shorter water wave, this 10 or 12-inch might be ideal for you. S shaped zig zag's lace hairline blends perfectly with your scalp, making it natural and smooth, easy to wear and easy to manage. As all work and party themes go, this hairstyle will be a good choice for you in the long run.

3)Brown Piano Bob Wig

Brown Piano Bob Wig

Highlights bob wigs are simply pieces of hair that are lighter than your natural hair color. If your base color is brown, you can add highlights that are a lighter brown or even have brown hair with blonde highlights.

For blondes, brown piano highlights incorporate lighter blonde shades. It's important to note that there are also different types of highlighting techniques. Highlights can accentuate hair color, bring out cheekbones, and even slim faces. They show off the lines of your haircut, and create depth, and the illusion of fullness.

There's a reason why everyone considers highlights at least once in their life. A few well-placed streaks can add dimension and movement to hair that otherwise feels flat and stagnant. Highlights wig can easily transform your look.

4)Blonde Bob Wig On Dark Skin

Blonde Bob Wig On Dark Skin

Transitioning dark roots to lighter colors is a tried and true color treatment. Darker roots give a realistic, natural look, while blended blonde looks great on darker skin tones. If you love gold jewelry and have always wanted to be blonde, this is a wig you should try.

5) AlwaysAmeera's Same Bob Wig

AlwaysAmeera's Same Bob Wig

AlwaysAmeera's same Yaki straight wig is perfect for long, oval and heart-shaped faces to create a beautiful, balanced look. You can style it with a straightener or curling iron. You can design it to higher temperatures without melting it or compromising its high quality.
Straight bob wigs are flexible for use on a variety of hair types, and the seamless hairline is properly blended to mimic how hair grows out of dandruff, making it look like real hair. It can also be styled in a variety of styles, making it difficult to tell it's a wig.

6)Short Pix Cut Wig

Short Pix Cut Wig

Instagram celebrities have all had or currently have curly hair, and pixie adds a more fashionable look with a bob.Short curly bob hairstyles are gaining traction, and women around the world are trying new, spectacular braids to give texture and volume to their bobs.

Short Pix Cut Wig is very cool, chic and fashionable, giving people a sophisticated look. It's cool to like one hairstyle, but go ahead and do something cooler and more satisfying. So if you want to try new short curly hair, you can get inspired by this hairstyle.

7)Blonde With Silver Highlight Bob Wig

Blonde With Silver Highlight Bob Wig

Add some cool tones to your look with the 6x4.75 Lace Blonde With Silver Wig. It is made of high-quality elastic ice silk, soft, comfortable and breathable, clearly showing your natural hairline, easily making a ponytail or bun, making your wig more realistic, here are 10-14 inch short bob wigs available for selection.

8)Side Part Bob Wig With Baby Hair

Side Part Wig With Baby Hair

If you want to try short straight hair with side swept bangs or center parting, this bob haircut is the best choice for you. The magic of bob wig is made of 100% human hair. It can make you more unique like makeup. Short straight bangs make you more cute, fashionable and charming!

The magic of wigs is that they can make you as special as makeup, you deserve it! These trendy and trendy short hair wigs look natural, authentic and very beautiful, yet are feminine and soft to the touch. Suitable for long-term use, we provide high-quality products with natural colors, good texture, and shine, short bob wigs look just like your real hair, are super soft and skin-friendly.

9)Burgundy Wolf Cut Bob Wig

Burgundy Wolf Cut Bob Wig

Incorporating bangs into the bob brings a new dimension to this traditional hairstyle. Bangs perfectly frame your face, highlight your eyes and cheekbones, and add a youthful appeal to this style. This Burgundy Wolf Cut bob wig is very suitable for attending parties and can attract others' attention.

The wolf cut is cut with fine craftsmanship and has bangs, which makes you look very small. It is a hairstyle that falls above the shoulders or slightly below the shoulders. Offering the best of both worlds for those who prefer a shorter hairstyle but do not want it to be too short.

5. Frontal Bob Wig Styles

1)Bob Style With Two Long Wavy Bangs

It is a good idea to part two long wavy bangs directly in the front of the bob hairstyle. You can create any design at the back. It is good to tie it up in a high or low ponytail or let it go straight down. This hairstyle is elegant and simple, suitable for any occasion.

Bob Style With Two Long Wavy Bangs

2) Half Up Half Down Bob Style

The 14-inch straight bob wig style, a hairstyle that falls just above the shoulders, offers the best of both worlds for those who prefer a shorter hairstyle but don't want it to be too short. Incorporate bangs and buns to perfectly frame your face, highlight your eyes and cheekbones, and add a youthful appeal to this style.

Half Up Half Down Bob Style

3)Afro Bob Style

The afro hairstyle has a lot of volume and shape, but don’t worry, it’s lightweight, and wearing it directly makes you stand out from the crowd without too many decorations. It is also a unique canvas for you to express and convey your personality.

Afro Bob Style<

4) Puff Braid Hair

Braids have long been a staple of black culture, and the styling options are endless! Whether your hair is long or short, braid elements are added to your hairstyle. Bob makes a box braid. When finished, add a small foam ball to the bottom of the braid and cover it with loose hair to prevent others from seeing how it is made. This creative braid is complete.

Puff Braid Hair

5) Super Short Bob Style

If you are bold and want to try something new, consider the super short bob wig hairstyle. Ultra bob wigs are approximately ear-level in length, elegantly accentuating your neck and shoulders, and paired with short bangs add a dramatic statement to your entire look!

Super Short Bob Style


Short bob wigs give you a unique hairstyle, especially if you choose the most suitable one. You can learn more about the types of short wigs from this article and know which one is best for your beauty and natural look. The fashion-trendy short bob wig is very flattering for all face shapes. You can choose the best suitable bob wig this summer at an affordable price.

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