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5 Easiest Ways For You to Make a Wig Fit Tighter

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Last updated Apr 9, 2024

How to make a wig fit tighter? Wigs are essential for us African American women. But sometimes when you get your new wig and can't wait to put it on but find it's too big for you.It's a real mood-breaker.Also, if a wig is size is not right for you, in addition to being less comfortable, there is a risk of slipping, which can be uneasy for us when wearing.

Therefore,it is very important to know how to tighten the wig effectively, especially when the wind blows! In this blog, we'll help you get the right ways to tighten a wig while adding comfort, security,and a natural look.

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1. How to tighten wig straps

Before putting on your wig, look at the interior of your wig cap. You’ll notice adjuster straps, usually, one will be located directly above the nape of the wig. The “nape” refers to the back of your neck (right where the back of your hair starts!). 


You're going to make your wig tighter just by pulling the elastic strap, and then if you pull it out the wig will be looser. Generally, there's one strap on each side of a wig. Don’t worry! As long as the straps are hooked tightly in the right place, they can keep a secure hold.

This is definitely the easiest way to tighten your wig. However, it can only help loosen or tighten your wig in a very limited size, and many people think it is not an absolutely safe way. If the straps can meet the requirements of tightening a wig, then this is a great way for you.

2. How To Tighten Wig With Elastic Band

In addition to the wig strap that comes with the wig, you can also install the Elastic Band for the wig cap yourself, which can help the wig shrink smaller. And it's a really good method for those with sensitive skin.

The things you need are: an elastic band, scissors, needle, thread, and tape measure

Step1: Determine the required length of the elastic band. Use a tape measure to measure the distance between your ears along the nape, then pull the elastic band as tight as possible and cut to the measured length

Step2: Open the wig cap naturally, place the new elastic inside it and make sure to follow the curve of the loose wig cap.

Step 3: Use a needle and thread to secure both ends of the elastic band. Once done, you can try on your wig. Please make sure your elastic band is flat on the nape of your neck.

3. How To Secure A Wig With Wig Tape

If you try to tighten your wig with this method, there are some tools you need to prepare: wig tapes, scissors, and alcohol cotton balls.


Step1: Clean the areas where you’re going to place the tape to remove any excess oils and dirt with alcohol cotton balls. This will help the tape to stay secure.

Step2: Cut the wig tapes to a few shorter ones with suitable lengths. Peel off one side of the tapes and stick them along your hairline. You have to make sure there is no baby hair at the position the wig tapes attaching, or you will feel the pain when you try to remove the wig tapes.

Step3: Put on your wig and peel off the other side of the tapes to create a bond to your wig, then press them with your fingers to make sure it is secure enough and won’t slip off.

4. How To Secure A Wig With a Silicone Solution Sheet

The silicone sheet usually with some invisible threads can provide a mild suction effect to increase the security of the wig.


The silicone sheet is usually sewn inside the wig cap, the tools you need are: the silicone sheet, scissor, needle, and thread

Step1: Cut the silicone sheet to the shape and size you need.

Step2: sew the silicone sheet inside your wig cap. Generally speaking, one piece is for the nape of the neck, one is placed near the hairline, and two are placed behind the ears. Then all the rest is to put on your wig.

5. How To Secure a Wig With Wig Clips

Wig clips are very common tools for fixing wigs. Basically, there will be installed wig clips inside each wig cap. But the wig clip only works without the wig cap. Of course, the more wig clips are installed, the stronger the fixation of the wig will hold.


Step1: Choose some clips with the proper size, and determine where you need to add wig clips.                                              

Step2: Sew the wig clip inside your wig cap. The more clips the cap has, the more secure it will be, but too many clips can also stress natural hair because they can pull on your natural hair when you try to remove it. Generally no more than four.


Today we offer 5 easy methods about how to tighten a wig that’s too big and secure a wig for you. If you have some other useful ideas, welcome to comment below.

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