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How To Make A Wig? (Step by Step)

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Last updated Jun 19, 2020

Wigs have become a lasting staple in the hair business. Most people like wigs, not just for covering up flaws, but most for fashion and beauty. And some people especially love to make their own wigs with lace frontal closure or extensions.

Wigs with lace closure, lace frontal, or hair extensions are much cheaper than a virgin human hair wig and also give people more sense of achievement. Now I’ll show you how to make the wigs by yourself.

human hair wig

What Do We Need To Prepare For Making A Wig?

Now let us talk about the tools you will need to make a full regular wig. This is the most standard wig, and the construction methods of this type of wig serve as the primary method for most. We will need wig head, virgin hair extensions(sew-in hair extensions), a wig stand or tape, needle and thread, hair glue and blow dryer or hot glue gun and sticks, adjustable done wig cap, wig combs, wig band, scissors, lace frontal glue.

How To Make A Wig?

make hair wig

1. Wig Head

Mount your wig head on a wig stand or set it down on a chair or table with tape.

Tip: You want your wig head to be stable while you are making your wig for easier construction.

2. Prepare Hair Extensions

Measure and cut your cheap hair bundles but high quality to fit the circumference of the wig cap while securing them down from back to front. As you get midway through your cap, start laying the tracks down in a more U-shape pattern. You can secure your hair extensions down by using needle and thread, hair glue and blow dryer or hot glue gun and glue sticks.

Tip: Needle and thread is the most secure method yet takes the longest to install. Hair glue and hot glue are both fast, yet hot glue is a bit more durable yet must be done with caution because the glue is hot.

3. Closure or Frontal

If you are creating a wig with a closure or a frontal you should lay that piece down first and then add the remaining extensions. This will help you see how much hair you need and allow you to chose where you want the closure or frontal to lay on your head.

4. Track

Cover the hair cap with track extensions while being cognizant of the way you would like your frontal part to lay.

5. Wig Band

Add a wig band and wig combs to the inside of your wig to add security to your wig when wearing it.

Tip: Remove any lace if you are creating a frontal wig.

6. Style

Once your full wig is done, you can choose to cut the front of your wig into blunt bangs, a side part, middle part or if you select curly hair you can rock it as an afro.

Tip: If you would like to color your hair we highly recommend doing that before constructing your wig.

Deciding on the best hair wig for you depends on a lot of your budget, your hair type, and your need. No matter what hair types, Brazlian hair wig, Malaysian virgin hair, Indian virgin hair or Peruvian hair weave, you can make your desired hairstyle. I hope the tips above help you in deciding on what best suits you and what you’d like to make. Now although wigs seem like they can be intimidating we just showed you that they are not that hard to make at all. if you want to make a wig with hair extensions, please reference the following article?

How To Make Wigs With Hair Extensions?

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