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How to Make the Super-hot Heart Braids of 2022


Braided hairstyles are very popular among African American women. This is because not only do they protect our natural hair, but they are also a very cool and summer-friendly hairstyle. Girls are always striving to personalize and diversify their braided hairstyles.

We would like to introduce today the heart-shaped hairstyle braid which has recently received more and more attention. How do you get this hairstyle? Are there different heart-braid hairstyles worth trying? If you want to get the answer, read on.

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What Are Heart Braids Hairstyles?

The heart braid is a braided hairstyle design in which a heart-shaped shape is used. When doing a heart braid design, the stitching braid method is usually used. The placement of the heart braid depends entirely on your preference and can be designed in the middle, back, and sides of the head.

Heart braids can be combined with any other braided hairstyle to create intricate patterns such as heart lemonade braids, heart box braids, heart cornrows, and many more. You can create your own artistic braids.

cornrow heart braids

How To Do Heart Braids?

Before you start making braids, you need to prepare some necessary tools including a rat tail comb, hair conditioning gel, and 2 or 3 packs of hair bundles. With these ready, you can follow the steps below to start braiding your heart braids.

1. Comb Your Hair And Do An Outline Of A Heart Braid

First, you need to comb your hair to remove all the tangles. Then figure out the position and size of the heart shape you want. Next, use the end of the rat tail comb to outline the heart braid on the scalp. If your love heart will be at the side of the head, place the comb at the center of the eyebrows to get an idea of the outline and part the hair into a c-type shape.

The first one will be a round c but the next one will be a c shape that goes all the way down to where the ear starts. After finishing that, you will see a heart shape on your scalp.

2. Apply Hair Gel

Secure the rest of your hair so it won’t get in the way of making heart braids. Then apply some hair conditioning gel to the outline of your drawn heart braids, and brush the hair again, this will give your braids outline a very clean and neat look.

3. Part The Hair Diagonally

When you think you've got the perfect heart shape, use the end of a rat-tail comb to part the heart-shaped hair down the middle, and also apply some gel on the sectioned line. At this point, you should have got two half hearts of the same size.

4. Make Heart Braids

Now secure one-half of the hair and start braiding the heart from the inner corner. The part where you connect the diagonal section to the hair at the bottom is where you need to start adding the hair bundles.

Depending on which one of the stitch braiding methods you use, you will keep braiding upwards until you get to the end of the diagonal part. The end of the diagonal part is where you’ll make the curve by connecting the braid to the hair at the bottom. Note that in order to get a smooth and perfect heart shape, you need to keep changing the direction of your hand.

5. Repeat The Braiding Process And Fix The Ends Of The Braids

For a more beautiful heart-braid hairstyle, you only need to add a small number of hair bundles while braiding to prevent your heart braids from being too heavy. Only the rest to do afterward is to complete the braiding of the other half following the above steps. After each completion of your heart braids, you need to connect them using a thread and needle to prevent them from becoming loose.

Some Tips To Get Perfect Heart Braids Hairstyle

There are some details you can pay attention to, which will help you get your dream heart braids hairstyle.

1. make sure that your natural hair is completely dry and clean. Once you finish the heart braids hairstyle, it will last for a long time at least one week.

2. Another important thing to note is to make sure the diagonally parted sections line up in the middle so that you can get a more beautiful heart shape.

3. Remember to only use small bits of human braiding hair so that the heart shape doesn’t look too bulky.

4. Use human hair bundles instead of synthetic bundles. Because human hair bundles have a longer lifespan and are more durable, at the same time, they can also give you the most natural hair look.

straight hair bundle

Different Heart-Shaped Braids Ideas You Need To Try

After learning about how to make heart-style braids, here are some trendy heart-braided hairstyle ideas worth trying.

1. Braids To The Back With Heart

Braids To The Back With Heart

2. Heart Braids On The Side

Heart Braids On The Side

3. Front Heart Braids Hairstyles

Front Heart Braids Hairstyles

4. Double Heart Cornrow Braids

Double heart cornrow braids

5. Stitch Heart Braids

 Stitch Heart Braids

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Mrs Duncan

posted on Friday, June 17, 2022 4:51:34 AM America/Los_Angeles

I love the technique! And the hair style age appropriate

Ashley Lemmons

posted on Friday, April 29, 2022 7:58:24 PM America/Los_Angeles

This is such a Beautiful style and a Helpful post!! Love it

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