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Difference Between Curly And Wavy Hair

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Last updated Mar 20, 2020

There are two different hair texture types— Curly Hair and Wavy Hair. "Curly hair" and "wavy hair" are often used interchangeably, but the hair types have several differences. Curly types and wavy types of hair differ in curl tightness, thickness and texture.

Although curly hair and wavy hair are thought by many people to be the same, wavy hair is actually a type of curly hair. Today, we will share with you the difference between curly and wavy hair. Keep Reading!

What Is Curly Hair?

virgin curly hair

One does not need to analyze hair in a laboratory to declare if a person has curly hair. This is because one can instantly feel the difference if a person with curly hair weave is standing in front, especially if one happens to have straight hair. Curls and waves are not exclusive to each other, and there seems to be only a difference of intensity in the curls.

The three main categories of curly hair are curly, wavy and kinky. Curly hair is often thought of as coarse in texture, but it is actually soft. It also has a reputation for being thick; while that is often true, curly hair also can be fine. Kinky hair is the tightest curl type-specific to people of African descent.

What Is Wavy Hair?

wavy human hair

Wavy hair is in between curly and straight hair. It is not straight and not curly either. Instead of being very tight curls, wavy hair is looser but still has some roundness to it.  It is where most people’s hair falls, especially if it is longer. That is because the weight of your hair could stretch it out, making the spirals less tight.

The shape of the cells producing wavy hair is round. It allows the hair to continue growing in a somewhat straight manner. The hair is also soft and not thick and coarse. People with white skin have either straight or wavy hair. People coming from Asian countries have wavy hair.

The Pros And Cons Of Curly Hair

The Pros Of Curly Hair

Easy To Notice

Curly hair is an incomplete dominant gene, meaning there could be many versions of curly hair, like wavy or very tight curls. In a busy hangout place or workplace, having short corkscrew-like hair is easy to spot out. Curly hair guarantees that you’ll be noticed no matter where you are and that’s a good thing.


One of the biggest advantages of having beautiful curly hair is adaptability. Wearing your hair down with a cute headband or wearing it up with a simple bun is always in style! Adding headbands or exotic types of braids look completely fashionable and are easy to pull off.

Lack Of Shampooing

From not shampooing your hair for a day or two to not needing to blow dry your hair, your curly hair is definitely low maintenance! Like your straight hair friends, once they skip a day of washing their hair, their hair goes flat and boring. Please, less shampoo.

Fewer Knots And Tangles

When curly hair is tangled, it is a lot less noticeable than knotted straight hair. Curly hair is unique and beautiful! Girls with straight hair spend countless hours curling their hair with products and high temperatures, which can be unhealthy for your hair. You are blessed with naturally curly hair and you should be proud to show it off!

curly remy hair bundles

The Cons Of Curly Hair


With that many positives of beautiful hair, curly hair must have some negatives. Humidity is not your friend. Especially during hot and stick weeks of July and August, our hair looks like a lion’s mane, unless it is pulled back in a tight bun, and even that doesn’t tame our poofy hair.

Cannot Show The Full Length

The full length of your hair does not show. Because the curls are twisted, it looks they are so much shorter than what your hair actually is. The only time you can see the full length of your hair is when it is wet or straightened.

Cannot Straighten

Although curly hair has many styling advantages, if you do not want a version of curly hair, it takes hours to style your hair differently, like straightening it. Sometimes, styling takes professional skills and products that could be expensive.

Cannot Brush

Dry brushing can lead to split end and breakage and combing or brushing your hair dry will cause frizziness. After brushing your hair with a dry hairbrush, the next morning your hair is filled with fly-aways and is still frizzy. To prevent this you could use detangle spray, oils, or even a wet hairbrush.

The Pros And Cons Of Wavy Hair

The Pros Of Wavy Hair

This in-between hair type is neither perfectly straight or particularly curly. It has more volume than straight hair but can easily be flattened by heavy products. With hair growing down from the scalp, waves are most noticeable towards the hair ends. It’s another frizz-resistant hair type. With this hair type, waves are more overt and fall vertically in loose S-shape curls.

brazilian body wave human hair

The Cons Of wavy Hair

Hair cuticles are slight to fully raised. This results in a rougher strand texture. It also means wavy hair is more prone to frizz, dullness and moisture loss through the hair shaft than straighter hair.

What Are The Differences Between Curly Hair And Wavy Hair?

    • 1. Curly hair takes on ringlets or corkscrew shapes. Examples include Shirley Temple's and Taylor Swift's hair.
    • 2. Wavy hair hints at ringlets but settles into an "S" shape rather than tight curls. It also falls into a zigzag pattern.
    • 3. Curly hair is kinky having close curls like that in the spring.
    • 4. Wavy hair lies in between straight and curly hair and does not have curls but has zigzag pasterns that make them wavy.
    • 5. Curly hair starts right next to the scalp, and such hair is thick and coarse whereas wavy hair is straighter and softer. The texture of wavy hair is thin.
    • 6. Curly hair is hard to tame yet many people go for curls in hair as they like them.
    • 7. It is difficult to comb curly hair when they are dry.
    • 8. Curly is more rounded and defined. Wavy hair has a softer definition.
    • 9. Curly hair has a thick appearance. The curls often begin at the scalp and keep their shape down to the hair tips. Wavy hair is often wavy at the bottom and flat closer to the scalp.

curly malaysian virgin hair

If somebody has wavy hair, this means that the hair isn’t completely straight but it’s not very curly either, they have loose curls. Whereas, a person with curly hair usually has tight curls as opposed to loose curls or waves. These tight curls are usually a lot closer to the person’s head.

Whether you have curly hair or wavy hair, you must choose the 100% good quality human hair bundles for you. It will give you a natural look and a unique beauty.

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