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Coily VS Curly Hair

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Last updated Apr 14, 2024

If you want to change your hairstyle, the stylist will introduce you to coily hair/curly hair/straight hair. You may have questions about coaty hair and curly hair. What is the difference between them? Please read this article, which will guide you to learn more.

1.What is Curly Hair?

Curly hair is also called type 3 hair. The hair shape is loose and spiral, and it is divided into 3 subcategories: 3A/3B/3C.

3A: Characterized by loose, large spiral curls with a large diameter, the hair tends to be smooth and maintain its natural shape without the regular use of heavy styling products.

3B: Compared with 3a, 3b curly hair is tighter and fluffy. The result is that after washing the hair, the hair will be elongated, and once it dries, the hair will shrink and become shorter.

3C: It is the tightest, most textured curl of the curly hair type and has the highest density, so it is most susceptible to dryness.

2.What Is Coily Hair?

Coily Hair is also called type 4 hair. The hair is shaped like a tightly curled zigzag. It is divided into three subcategories according to the size of the hair pattern: 4A/4B/4C, and each category has minor differences.

4A: The hair is formed into S-shaped coils, tightly curled and elastic. Each curl is about as wide as a pen and has less shrinkage.

4B: The hair is in a "Z"-shaped coil with a tiny, unclear zigzag pattern. This hair is fragile, porous and easily damaged and requires frequent hydration and deep care.

4C: The hair is similar to the 4B type, both have a "z" shape but are curlier and tighter. In the same way, hair with 4c hair quality is more likely to break than 4b hair, so maintenance measures must be in place.

3.The Difference Between Curly Hair And Coily Hair

1) Different shapes:

The biggest difference between the two is the hair pattern. Curly hair is characterized by well-defined spiral curls, with large gaps between hairs, large volume, and good elasticity, and each curl forms a unique pattern. Coily hair usually has a zigzag or spring-like pattern, with densely arranged hair and small gaps between hairs.

2) Frequency of washing

The scalp produces oil every day to keep the hair moist and healthy. Since coily hair has tighter curls and coils, the oil does not flow to every hair strand, so frequent washing is not needed. On the contrary, curly hair has loose and fluffy hair. Curly hair requires more washing.

3) Degree of dryness

Coily hair's many loops prevent sebum from flowing along the hair fiber, and the oil secreted by the scalp does not reach every hair strand, so it is drier and more brittle than curly hair, and requires the application of moisturizer every two days to care for the hair.

4.Tips for Caring For Curly Hair

1)Use a moisturizing shampoo

Before shampooing, make sure your hair is moist enough, use a soft shampoo with less abrasive ingredients, massage in sections, and then comb your hair from ends to roots.

2)Use deep conditioner

Deep conditioner softens curls and smooths the cuticle, locking in moisture in the hair. Apply deep conditioner to damp hair after washing. To allow the product to better penetrate into curls, wear a bath Cover your hair with the cap and rest for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with water.

3)Take care of your hair

To keep your natural curls looking nourished and defined, air-dry using a hair dryer on medium-low heat, or wrap damp hair in a microfiber towel to remove just enough excess moisture.

4)While sleeping

You can tie it into a high bun when going to bed at night, or braiding your hair is also a good choice, just to reduce friction on the hair cuticle.

5.Tips for Caring For Coily Hair

1)Wash coily hair

Coils are very dry and absorbent, so you need to pre-wash your hair with a deep conditioner or mix a hair oil with a conditioner, leave it on your hair for 10-20 minutes, then rinse, followed by a shampoo with a moisturizing formula Wash your hair. The purpose of pre-washing your hair is to soften it first and ensure that it reduces tangles when using shampoo.

Because coated hair is fragile, you only need to wash your hair once a week.

2) Nursing

Perform deep conditioning at least twice a month. You can directly purchase deep conditioning hair products containing ingredients such as coconut oil, amino acids, and certain silicones or DIY conditioners (coconut oil + honey + cocoa butter) and apply the product to your hair. , wrap it with hair mask, go to the living room to watch TV for 30 minutes, and rinse once the time is up.

3)Style coily hair

Try to buy a small spray bottle and spray some water when styling to avoid tangles and bring moisture to the hair. Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to comb your hair; if you want to firmly hold the coils, it is recommended to use a light gel to reduce the thickness. feel.

4) Cut regularly

If you want to say goodbye to bad split ends, regular pruning is necessary, especially in the winter. Cold weather can make coated hair look duller and frizzy, so getting your hair trimmed at least once during the winter can help keep it strong and healthy.


The above is the relevant knowledge and differences between curly hair and coily hair. I hope it will help you choose a hairstyle and subsequent hair care, so that you can get a healthy and beautiful hairstyle without damaging your hair.

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