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360 Lace Frontal VS Lace Frontal, Which One Is Better?

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Last updated Sep 23, 2023

The new trend in hair extensions for women is these lace frontal or as they’re gaining popularity as 360 lace frontal which goes all the way around the circumference of your head, making it more comfortable, more natural, and more realistic.

Lace frontals are the newest wave! Since more hair stylists and sew-in specialists are training on how to install and “slay” a lace frontal correctly, it’s becoming a growing trend in today’s hair culture!

As many people are getting these beautiful installations, there are still some who are confused on what is the difference between a lace frontal and a 360 frontal. For those who aren’t too familiar with weave terms, we will get into every piece of the puzzle! Today, we will discuss which one is better.

What Is 360 Lace Frontal?

The 360 Lace Frontal makes it even easier to install your wefts as well as achieve a full natural hairline around the entire circumference of your styled lace frontal in less time. Whereas regular lace front closure is installed on only the front of the head, a 360 lace frontal goes all around the head, leaving a round opening in the center.

When you use a 360 lace frontal, you will save more time enjoying your perfect natural-looking. Installing a weave with a 360 lace frontal also requires fewer bundles.

body wave hair lace frontal

Why Do You Need 360 Lace Frontal?

Wear Comfortably

You want to give your headline a break from the tension of sew-in so that you wear it comfortably.

Style Variety

And you want to make the ponytail hairstyle, etc. so that you can look different every day.

Use Less Hair

Usually, only 2-3 bundles are needed to complete a full with the 360 lace frontal. You will still require wefts matching the hair texture to complete your desired look. 

human hair lace frontal

What Is Lace Frontal?

Lace Frontal is an ear-to-ear stretch of lace that has hair attached. It is larger than a closure and is around 14X4 or 14X3 in size. A lace frontal will give your sew-in a natural look. Unlike a closure, you can be more diverse and wear a middle, side, or three-part style.

There are so many different styles that can be done with a frontal like braids along the front of the head, twisties in the front, and much more. This allows you the option to have no leave out while having beautiful baby hairs when wearing a full head of weave. To obtain a full sew-in you would need about 2 to 3 bundles with the full frontal to complete a style. 

straight hair lace frontal

Why Do You Need Lace Frontal?

A More Affordable Option

If you have ever explored the marketplace for full lace wigs, you know that they can be very expensive. To get a wig that looks great and is made well can easily cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars. If this option is not affordable to you, a frontal can be a better option.

Versatile for Styling

When you get a lace frontal, you get something that provides you with a lot more versatility when it comes to styling. Lace Frontal allows for your hair to be pulled back in styling. You can easily integrate the frontal with your natural hair or with virgin hair bundle deals you may have to create the style and pattern you want to show. This allows you to choose different options to create different looks.

lace frontal

The Various Lengths Of Lace Frontal

Lace frontal varies just like hair bundles. Most companies who sell lace frontal have a standard size.

Malaysian and Brazilian are common hair types. Other less commonly used hair types can include Peruvian and Indian hair weave.

This all depends on what type of quality you are looking for in a lace frontal. If you plan to use your lace frontal a lot, you’ll want to purchase hair that will last a while. Our Brazilian lace frontal would be an excellent choice.

Hair texture is the most important factor. You have to be sure it blends with the texture of your bundles.

Length also depends on preference, such as, if you want a layered look. The length of the lace frontal is generally 18″. But, we have lace frontal that ranges from 10″ – 20″ in our special order category!

Video Tutorials

Do you want to get your lace frontal seems more natural and look like real hair? Please watch this video and you will get the answer.

How to make the Julia Hair Lace Frontal Natural and Nicer?

Hair Information: Malaysian Straight Hair: 22 22 24 inches lace frontal 18 inches

Difference Between 360 Frontal And Lace Frontal


Lace Frontal is an ear-to-ear stretch of lace that has hair attached. It is around 14X4 or 14X3 in size. A 360 frontal is ideal for full coverage around the perimeter of your head, leaving a round opening in the center.


A frontal is ideal for someone who doesn’t mind a little weekly maintenance, in exchange for lots of versatility. A 360 frontal may require some maintenance, but it is worth it in exchange for out-of-this-world versatility.

Install Time

When you wear the 360 lace frontal, put your head through the hair pieces, then put down your own hair to cover the lace frontal. In installing the hair, 360 frontal sew-in only takes around one hour, while it takes more hours to install lace frontal closure with hair bundles.

Which One Is Better?

While a lace frontal and 360 lace frontal all have their pros and cons, not one of them is “better” than the other.

When choosing between a lace frontal and 360 frontal, be sure to consider your daily routine to ensure the best option for you. The option that’s best for you all depends on your lifestyle, and level of patience.

All in all, lace frontal and 360 lace frontal can be great assets in enhancing your hair extensions while keeping your natural hair protected.

They may seem intimidating at first, but with thorough research and a talented stylist, you too can rock any style you want. So you can choose the best suitable for you.

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