16 Inch Brazilian Hair Weave Bundles,Clip In Extension

16 Inch Brazilian Hair, Brazilian Hair Weave Bundles

1.How Long Is 16 Inch Hair?

16inch hair=40 cm,which is a good length for medium-length tailoring.

2.How To Make Your Hair Grow to 16 inches Quickly?

Food supplements containing protein and vitamins.

Stimulate hair growth with natural ingredients (coconut oil, vitamin B1, onion, beer…).

3、Why Choose Brazilian Hair Weave Bundles?

3.1. All adopt 100% pure human hair, top grade, no fiber, no tangling, no hair shedding, soft and elastic, and the color is naturally black.

3.2. Hair is pure natural, healthy and untreated, and can be dyed or bleached to create the style you want.

3.3. Very durable, lint-free, using coarse weft technology, if properly maintained, the service life is more than 10 months.

4、Where Can I Buy 16 Inches Of Brazilian hair?

Julia hair mall offers a variety of style and lengths of hair products, including not only Brazilian hair strands, but also Malaysian hair strands, Peruvian hair strands and Indian Remy hair strands. They are all 100% best virgin remy unprocessed hair, and you can choose wigs according to your own needs.Tip: If you just want to increase the length, you can buy 3 or 4 hair bundles. If you want to increase it on the top of your head, you need to buy a hair closure to complete it.