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Human Hair Lace Front Wigs With Bangs

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Why Are Bangs So Popular?

More Stylish

Bangs are known for being flattering to all face shapes by framing the face and the eyes. Not only that, but bangs can also give a youthful look to the wearer.

Cover Hairline

A wig's hairline can often be tricky for new wig wearers to disguise, and it is also time-consuming to blend the front of the wig in with the skin by using make-up and glue. But with bangs, these are no longer needed. It can cover the hairline! This saves time and doesn't have to worry about the hairline.

Styling Options

Different faces complement the different changes of bangs. A-shaped bangs or curtain bangs are more suitable for people with rectangular or square faces. Rough bangs are a modern bangs style, suitable for all kinds of face shapes.

Highlight Facial Features

Hair wigs with bangs can help you highlight certain areas of your face, such as high cheekbones or beautiful eyes. They can also help hide flaws and attract people's attention, such as acne, eyebrows, or wide forehead.

Tips for Cutting Bangs Into A Wig

  • Cut off less hair than you initially think, leaving your bangs longer. This leaves room to even out your bangs and correct mistakes if necessary. Remember: you can always cut your bangs shorter, but you cannot make them longer.
  • For a more blunt look, hold your scissors horizontally. For a more shaggy look, cut vertically.
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