U Part Wig Virgin Hair, Wholesale Human Hair U Part Wig

U Part Wig Virgin Hair, Wholesale Human Hair U Part Wig

What Is U Part Wig?

An u-part wig virgin hair is a revolution of 100% hand-tie full lace wig. They are all 100 virgin human hair wigs. It’s quick and easy to own the natural looking part and hairline by leaving a portion of your own hair out. The ventilation and U part width are customized as customers’ request. No adhesive or sew in necessary.

Our U part wigs can give you the most natural looking hairline, Our U-Part Wig is also called as 3/4 wig. U Part Wigs allow you to incorporate your own hair through a small u-shaped opening at the very top of of the wigs virgin hair. This opening gives you the option to wear your own part exposing the scalp for a more natural looking hair line. 

The Benefits of U-Part Wigs

1.As with most protective styles, there are a handful of notable benefits to rocking a U-part.

2.Major time saver. There’s no need to fuss with sewing in individual tracks. In a matter of minutes, you can pop on your U-part and head out.

3.Complete access to your hair. U-parts, give you the freedom to remove them, take care of your hair and scalp, and then re-install the wig.

4.Versatility. Since U-part human hair wigs are made by you, for you, you’re free to have a custom unit for every day of the week.

5.Less tension. If sew-ins are your usual go to, U-parts allow you to skip tight braids and stress on your edges.