Shipping Information

Dear friends,

Thanks for your trust and support during this special time, which is so valuable and highly appreciated.

Now many people are concerned about shipping. Actually, Julia Hair is operating at its full capacity. Because of the pandemic and the rising orders, we're still trying to process all the orders within 48 hours, at most 72 hours. It means that all the orders will be shipped out to shipping companies within 72 hours. Please be assured, as a global famous hair company, Julia Hair is working hard on providing you with good hair products.

But because of covid-19, running airlines in most countries around the globe are restricted and decreased. Together with the responsibility to transport PPE for the front line medical workers and others in need, all the shipping companies give the priority to shipping anti-virus resources first. Other goods have to wait on the shipping companies' scheduling and aircraft’s positions. Packages are at the shipping companies' distribution center but waiting to be scheduled to take off. That's why many of our packages are delayed 10 days around. And we're searching, negotiating, and trying every method to get our packages moving forward to you every single day.

At present, if there's enough stock in the California warehouse, USPS orders normally 3-6 working days to receive, and express ones 1-3 working days. if not, others are on non-stop attempts to get moving. Please don't worry, we cherish every one of our clients, and we will keep tracking each package until you all got the package!

Hope dear you can understand! We're together during this difficult time. Wish you and your beloved safe and healthy!

If you have any questions, pls contact us via:


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