Raw Hair, Raw Hair Extensions, Real Raw Temple Hair

Raw Hair, Raw Hair Extensions, Real Raw Temple Hair

What Is Raw Hair?

My raw hair is a 100% unprocessed hair which means that the hair is cut from the donor’s head, washed with shampoo and conditioner, and sewn onto a weft.

The Characteristics Of Raw Hair Weave

No chemical, mechanical, or steam process has been done.

Best quality of human hair extensions.

Natural-looking and blends with all hair types.

Appears to be fuller and voluminous.

Durable and long-lasting.

Does not have a uniform wave or curl pattern.

Cuticles are aligned.

Expensive in comparison to virgin hair extensions.

Commonly available in 3 patterns: straight, curly and wavy. However, Indian hair can be found in an undefined curly pattern.

The Variety Of Raw Unprocessed Virgin Hair

Julia hair has developed from a small local textile processing enterprises and gradually into a global human hair enterprises in the world. We have the best quality raw hair products.

We sell raw Brazilian hair, raw Malaysian hair, raw Peruvian hair, raw Indian virgin human hair and raw hair wigs in wholesale and retail price. Raw Brazilian virgin hair bundles with closure are our best seller due to their high quality and popularity among African American women.

Raw Hair Care Tips

1.Shampoo and condition just like your natural hair.

2.Always oil the hair before washing and even after.

3.Combing your hair is necessary.

4.Detangling hair with you own fingers is considered the best.

5.Avoid dying your hair extensions so that they last long and match with your natural hair.

6.Always comb or detangle your hair before and after sleep.

7.Keep your hair tied mostly in order to avoid detangling and shedding.