Mink Brazilian Hair 7a, Best Grade 7a Brazilian hair Wholesale

Mink Brazilian Hair 7a, Best Grade 7a Brazilian hair Wholesale

What Is Mink Brazilian 7a Hair?

Mink Brazilian hair 7a is high-grade 100% human hair with a strong hair shaft. With proper care, it can last longer than a year. It has a full cuticle and can be coloured to a dark blonde and remain in good health. This is the perfect choice for those looking for Brazilian hair or Malaysian hair.

It is the same hair as 6A with full cuticle aligned, no acid bath, natural unprocessed. And grade 7A Brazilian hair is much thicker than 6A, that means that has less short hair mixed in the hair bundles.

Mink Brazilian Hair 7a Wholesale

Mink Brazilian hair 7a bundles are our absolute favorites. Anyone who desires a length over 18 inches should purchase 7A or 8A grade hair. A higher grade of hair will result in less shedding and tangling. The longer or curlier the hair the more likely it is to tangle. If you would like a long body wave hair 7A will work just fine. Mink Brazilian hair 7a wholesale at Julia hair is our best choice.

Pros & Cons Of Mink Brazilian 7a Hair

Grade Mink Brazilian hair 7A hair is priced at the higher end of what many are used to paying for their hair weaves. The difference you're paying for is quality, that will last you up to a year and a half. This grade of hair shouldn't have shedding or tangling and it is great for adding volume.