Best Lace Frontal Sew In

Best Lace Frontal Sew In

What Is Lace Frontal Sew In Near Me?

A lace frontal sew in styles go from ear to ear and covers the front of your entire hairline. It’s typically 13” long and 4” wide. Lace frontal sew in weave completes your desired look of a sew-in by closing off the install, eliminating the need for leaving hair out in attempts to create a natural look. If you need a bit more coverage, sew in weave with lace frontal is a perfect solution, as it completely covers your hairline.

Lace frontal with sew in is the fashion trend hairstyles at the market. We have straight hair weave lace frontal sew in, curly lace frontal sew in and wavy sew in lace frontal for your choice which give you a natural look. If you want to have lace frontal full sew in weave, we recommend 3 bundles or 4 bundles with lace frontal for full sew in weave.

How To Sew In A Lace Frontal?

Here you can learn the lace frontal sew in tutorial.

Step 1: Preparation

1. Using an invisible needle and thread (so it seems like the thread just disappears).

2. Getting the threaded needle lying next to the spool.

Step 2: Sew-in

1. Braid the hair in parallel format from front to back. Then I place the weave on the head and feel out the braids and part around the head.

2. Always make sure you line the hair up right where you want it to be. Using hair pins to pin it in place. Then we begin to sew right above the temples, down and around to the other side (there is no thread right in the very top).

3. It is very important to take the needle under the braid that way it forces the lace to lay down flat.

Step 3: Final Product

After I'm done sewing, I flip up the edges and apply my adhesive. That's the finished product. Then you can achieve a variety of lace frontal sew in hairstyles for your beauty.