Full Lace Front Closure, Full Sew In With Lace Closure

Full Lace Front Closure, Full Sew In With Lace Closure

What Is Full Lace Closure?

The full lace frontal closure covers the complete hairline around the entire head. This full frontal lace closure allows you to wear pretty much any hairstyle.With the full lace frontal, you no longer have to fear to wear the high ponytail that so many people love.

You can pretty much wear any type of part in the front of the hair, along with being creative with the back. To do a full sew in weave with lace closure, purchase with the full lace frontal closure sew in you would only need 1 to 2 bundles of hair.

How To Wear Full Weave With Lace Closure?

1. Evenly spread glue across hair line where you intend the full head weave with lace closure frontal to sit.

2. Wait 2-3 minutes for glue to dry a little.

3. Place the full sew in with lace closure a long the hair line, where you want it to sit with the baby hairs on the glue.

4. Press downwards to ensure it's secure.

5. Cut a longside the netting to create a natural appearance.

6. Now, stitch the back of the full weave lace frontal closure, where there is a lining to the cornrows on your head.

7. Once secure, weave in the rest of your hair bundles behind the closure.

8. Use the closure to cover the hair weave for a natural appearance.