Wigs for Women with Small Heads:Finding the Perfect Fit


Most wigs on the market are medium-sized, but some people may have small faces and small heads, which may make it difficult for them to buy wigs. If you can't choose a wig, that doesn't mean there's a shortage of perfect wigs for your head shape. In this guide, we'll take a look at the different types of wigs for smaller heads, as well as the best ways to wear them.

1.How To Measure Wig Size?

Julia hair wig size

1) Circumference: Put on the wig cap and make sure the tape measure does not cover the ears. Pull the tape measure along the hairline, from the right ear to the left ear, and then back to the starting point. The tape measure must be at the highest point of the ear, not behind the ear. Make sure the tape is tight, but not so tight that you feel pressure on your head. Remember not to move your fingers so that you can write down or see the numbers correctly.

2) Front To Nape: Place the tape measure at the hairline, pull it all the way down to the nape and neck, place the tape measure firmly against the back of the neck, and check the measurement results. Keep in mind that if this size is too long, it will cause the wig to bulge, causing the wig to slip.

3) Ear To Ear Across Forehead: Starting above the ear, move the tape measure to the same position on the other ear while tracing along the hairline. The midpoint of this measurement should be the center of your forehead, where your hairline is lowest.

4) Ear To Ear Over Top: Place the edge of the tape measure on your skull, flush with the top of your ear, and straighten it across the top of your head to the other side. If you measure below the top of your ear, it will cause the wig's ear flap to sit tightly against your ear, which can be very uncomfortable when wearing the wig.

5) Temple To Temple: Place the beginning of the tape at the end of the eyebrow near the temple, then wrap it around the back of the head at the most curved part of the head and bring it to the other side of the temple, make sure the tape measure remains level and tight.

6) Close The Nape Of Wig: In order to make the wig look tight and without bulges, we must accurately measure the hairline at the nape. Place the tape on one side of the nape and across the nape on the other side of the neck.

2.Wigs For Small Heads

1) Scarf wig for small heads

JuliaHair Headband Wigs

Headband wigs feature comfortable and adjustable wig straps that can be tightened or relaxed to accommodate different head sizes, ensuring a comfortable and customized fit for those with smaller heads.

2) Bob wig for small heads

JuliaHair Upgrade Bob Wig

Bob wigs can add volume to the head, elegantly frame the face, and magnify the features, drawing attention away from the size of the head. At the same time, this type of wig is easy to manage and style, making it a practical and fashionable choice.

3) U part wig for small heads

JuliaHair u part wig

U-shaped wigs have a U-shaped opening at the top with adjustable straps or hooks. This feature is especially valuable for people with smaller heads, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit without the need for any excess material.

4) Bye-bye knots lace wig for small heads

JuliaHair bye-bye knots lace wig

Bye Bye Knots Wig features a 7x5 golden lace ratio that provides customizable coverage for all head sizes, conforming to the unique contours of your head for a snug fit that eliminates discomfort. Whether you have a smaller or larger head, this wig has something to suit your needs, featuring a built-in sling comb and adjustable straps that won't move or loosen during daily activities, ensuring you'll feel great all day long Comfortable and confident.

3.How Do Adjust Accessories With My Wig To Keep Fit?

If the size of the wig you receive doesn't fit your head, don't worry, there are ways to adjust the size, as most wig merchants provide adjustable tools when making them.

Elastic Straps: The wig has two straps (much like bra straps), if you pull on the straps, they get tighter, which increases the tension, and if you stretch the straps, they get looser, which reduces the tension.​

Velcro Straps: As with any other product that uses Velcro, simply pull the straps toward the center to tighten them, or outwards to loosen them.

Hook Straps: Straps with hooks and multiple slots spaced at different intervals. The closer the hook is to the center, the tighter the hook, and vice versa.​

Weft: Get out your scissors, needle and thread. Remember to start small and cut several times; if you don't want to permanently remove the weft of the wig, you can try the tuck stitching method. Your wig will become smaller, but the amount of hair will remain the same.

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