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Wig Density Chart: How To Choose the Perfect Wig Density?

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Last updated May 17, 2024

To choose a suitable wig, we will consider many factors, such as hairstyles, colors, lengths, and so on. In addition, have you noticed that when we buy wigs, different hair densities are provided? Then do you know the difference between different densities, what density should be chosen when buying a human hair wig? And what density is the most suitable? I hope you can find the answers from this blog.

What Does Wig Density Mean?

Wig density refers to an index that measures the fullness of the hair wig. It is usually displayed as a percentage. From the lowest hair density (50-60%) to higher hair density (200% and above), there are various densities to meet different needs. Generally speaking, the higher the hair density of the wig, the fuller the wig will look; with the lower hair density, the thinner your wig will look.

Wig Density Chart


There are 7 different wig densities, which we will show you in a chart below so that you can understand the differences between them intuitively.

60%-Extra Light Density: only suits girls with very thin hair.

80%-Light Density: very little hair, and still looks sparse.

100%-Light Density: close to the standard density. If you have naturally thin hair, the density is OK for you.

120%-Medium Density: the average density, can give you natural look.

130%-Medium Density: close to a standard density of hair, suitable for the fullness hairstyle.

150%-Heavy Density: between the standard density and very heavy density, which makes your hair look slightly plump, but not too heavy. It is the density that most people will choose.

180%-Heavy Density: heavy to wear, suitable for girls who want a very full hair look. And it is more suitable for long hair.

200%-Extra Density: Extremely heavy hair. Only suitable for girls with special needs. It looks unnatural in our daily life.

Lace Front Body Wave Wig

Why Does Hair Density Matter?

When many people buy wigs, they tend to focus on the choice of hairstyle and color but often ignore the density. However, density is a factor that can not be neglected in choosing a perfect wig. Here are some reasons why you need to pay attention to wig density.

The first one is appearance. The purpose of choosing a wig is generally to make ourselves more beautiful. Different hairstyles or lengths of hair have the best density for them. If it is too thick or too thin, it will make your hair look unnatural.

The second is price. I don't know if you have noticed that the higher the density is, the more expensive the wig will be. So sometimes we need to choose a more suitable density based on our budget.

How To Choose the Perfect Wig Density?

We have mentioned above that density is very important for choosing a wig, then what factors should we consider to get a perfect wig? We list them for you in the following part.

1. The density of your natural hair

When wearing a wig, sometimes we need to blend the wig with our hair. If the density of the wig is closer to the density of your hair, it will look more natural and realistic.

2. The wig hairstyle

For different hairstyles, there will be a density that is more suitable for this hairstyle. You can consider the wig density according to the hairstyle you like.

For example, straight hair, because the surface is very smooth and flat, sometimes a higher density wig is needed to make it look more beautiful. Curly wigs and kinky hair wigs will look more fluffy visually than ordinary wave and straight hair wigs, so a standard density of 130% or a fuller density of 150% is enough.

3. The wig length

You can also choose the density according to the length of the wig. Generally speaking, high density is more suitable for long hair, which can make your long hair look fuller and more gorgeous.

And if you need to buy a short wig, the standard 120% density is more suitable. To make your wig look more natural, you should avoid too heavy density because it will cause your hair to look too thick, which will break the coordination and naturalness of your hair.

4. Your preference

All above are some suggestions for you, the most important should be considered is your preference. If you like fuller and fluffier hair, you can choose 150% or 180% density; if you like natural hair, 130% is also a good choice. It‘s all up to you.


We have introduced some basic information about wig density in this blog. We hope that it can help you solve the problem of choosing a perfect wig with proper density.

If you are looking for a high-quality wig, Julia provides various 100% human hair wigs with 130%, 150%, and 180% density. And if you have any questions about wig density, please feel free to contact our service.

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