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Why Not Try Butterfly Locs in 2024?

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Last updated Mar 11, 2024

Butterfly locs is a style that has captured many people's hearts. With their unique blend of elegance and versatility, butterfly locs have become a staple in the world of hairstyling. As we step into 2024, it's time to explore why butterfly locs deserve a place in your hair repertoire.

butterfly locs

1.What Are Butterfly Locs?

Butterfly locs, also known as faux locs, are a distinctive hairstyle that mimics the appearance of traditional locs but with a softer, more whimsical twist. Unlike conventional dreadlocks, butterfly locs are created using a wrapping technique that involves wrapping synthetic hair around individual sections of your natural hair. This results in a lightweight, bohemian-inspired look that exudes effortless charm.

butterfly locs hairstyles

One of the defining features of butterfly locs is their versatility. Whether you prefer a sleek and polished aesthetic or a more relaxed and carefree vibe, butterfly locs hairstyle can be customized to suit your personal style. They can be styled in various lengths, from short butterfly locs to long butterfly locs, allowing for endless creativity and expression.

2.How to Do Butterfly Locs?

Butterfly locs are a gorgeous protective style that involves wrapping hair extensions around your natural hair to create textured locs. There are a couple ways to achieve this look, with and without using a crochet needle. Here's the way about how to do butterfly locs.

long butterfly loc

Step1. Prep your hair

Wash and condition your hair gently.

Detangle your hair completely to avoid any snags during the process.

You can braid your hair down in small sections for a neater look or leave it loose for a more bohemian style.

Step2. Gather your supplies

  • Latch hook crochet needle (optional)
  • Freetress water wave hair (or similar textured hair extensions)- amount depends on hair thickness and desired loc density
  • Edge control or pomade
  • Scissors

Step3. Install the Butterfly Locs

Butterfly Locs Crochet Method: Here, you'll be crocheting the hair extensions into your braids. There are many tutorials online that demonstrate this technique in detail.

Butterfly Locs No-Crochet Method: This method involves wrapping the hair extensions directly around your hair sections.

Step4. Sealing the ends

Once you've wrapped the hair extension down to the desired length, use the hair tie or another secure method to fasten the ends.

You can use a gel or some other holding product to smooth out any flyaways.

Step5. Styling

With your butterfly locs in place, it's time to get creative with styling! Whether you opt for a simple and sleek look or something more elaborate, the choice is yours.

3. How Long Do Butterfly Locs Last?

Butterfly locs can last anywhere between four to eight weeks, with some sources even saying twelve weeks. However, the key factor determining lifespan is proper maintenance.

butterfly locs hair

Ideal timeframe: With good care, you can expect butterfly locs hair to last for up to 8 weeks (2 months).

Shorter wear time: If you're unable to maintain a consistent washing and moisturizing routine, it's best to take them out around 5 weeks to prevent matting.

4. Why Should Try Butterfly Locs in 2024?

As we usher in a new year, it's only natural to seek out fresh trends and styles to rejuvenate our look. So why should butterfly locs be on your radar in 2024? Here are a few compelling reasons:

red butterfly locs

Reason1: Embracing Natural Beauty

In recent years, there has been a growing movement towards embracing natural beauty in all its forms. From embracing diverse skin tones to celebrating different hair textures, there is a renewed appreciation for authenticity and individuality. Butterfly locs offer a beautiful way to embrace your natural hair while experimenting with a new and exciting style. By opting for butterfly locs, you can enhance your natural texture while adding a touch of flair and sophistication to your look.

Reason2: Low Maintenance, High Impact

In today's fast-paced world, convenience is key when it comes to hair care. Many people are seeking out styles that require minimal maintenance without sacrificing style or versatility. Butterfly locs fit the bill perfectly. Once installed, butterfly locs require minimal upkeep, making them an ideal choice for busy individuals who want to look effortlessly chic without spending hours in front of the mirror. With proper care, butterfly locs can last for weeks or even months, allowing you to enjoy your new hairstyle without the hassle of frequent touch-ups.

butterfly locs hairstyle

Reason3: Endless Styling Options

One of the most exciting aspects of butterfly locs is their versatility when it comes to styling. Whether you prefer sleek updos, bohemian braids, or playful ponytails, butterfly locs can be styled in a myriad of ways to suit any occasion or mood. You can experiment with different accessories, such as beads, ribbons, or hair jewelry, to add a personalized touch to your look. With butterfly locs, the only limit is your imagination, making them the perfect choice for those who love to switch up their style on a whim.

Reasin4: Protecting Your Natural Hair

For many people, protecting their natural hair is a top priority. Whether you're dealing with damage from heat styling, chemical treatments, or environmental factors, it's essential to give your hair the care and attention it deserves. Butterfly locs offer an excellent solution for protecting your natural hair while still allowing you to experiment with different styles and looks. By keeping your natural hair tucked away and shielded from the elements, butterfly locs can help promote healthy growth and reduce the risk of breakage or damage.

5. How to Maintain Butterfly Locs?

Here are some tips to maximize the lifespan of your butterfly locs hairstyle:

Washing: Use a gentle shampoo or cleansing conditioner to wash your scalp regularly. Avoid getting the actual locs too wet, and focus on cleansing the roots.

Moisturizing: Use a leave-in conditioner or water-based moisturizer to keep the hair hydrated and prevent frizzing.

Sleeping: Sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase and wrapping your hair in a scarf can help minimize frizz and tangles.

Remember, prioritizing your hair health is important. If you notice any signs of damage or irritation, take out the locs and give your hair a break.

long butterfly locs

6. How to Take Out Butterfly Locs?

There are two main methods for removing butterfly locs, depending on whether you want to save the extensions for reuse.

Method 1: Preserving the Extensions

Unravel the wrapping: Locate the top of the butterfly loc, where the braiding or wrapping started. Gently unwind or unravel the hair extension that was wrapped around your hair. This will expose the braid or hair section underneath.

Identify the braid: Once you've unraveled a bit, you should see the braid you made with your natural hair.

Unravel or snip the extension: Here's where you decide if you want to keep the extensions. If you want to reuse the extensions, carefully unravel the braid you created with the extension hair. This might take some patience, but it allows you to save the extensions for another time. If you don't need to save the extensions, simply snip the braid close to the root of your hair.

Slide and remove: With the braid exposed or the extension cut, gently slide the remaining butterfly loc (extension) down your natural hair. It should come loose easily.

Method 2: Faster Removal (Discarding Extensions)

Find the braid or loop: Locate the top of the butterfly loc and identify the loop or braid underneath the wrapping.

Cut the loop: Using scissors, snip the loop created by the extension hair close to the root of your natural hair.

Slide and remove: Once cut, the butterfly loc should loosen its grip. Gently slide it down your natural hair to remove it entirely.

7. Conclusion

Butterfly locs are more than just a passing trend- they're a timeless hairstyle that offers the perfect blend of elegance, versatility, and ease of maintenance. As we enter 2024, there's never been a better time to embrace the beauty of butterfly locs and add a touch of whimsy to your look. Whether you're drawn to their effortless charm, their low-maintenance appeal, or their endless styling options, butterfly locs are sure to make a statement wherever you go. So why not give them a try and see for yourself why butterfly locs are the hairstyle of choice for the modern, fashion-forward individual?

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