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Why Does Kennedy Reid Wear A Wig?

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Last updated Jun 21, 2024

"American Idol 2024" ended successfully on May 19. The entire broadcast process has received widespread attention, ranging from whether the song itself was successfully sung to the clothing and hairstyle. It can be said that everyone standing on the stage has received a lot of attention. . Among them, the question surrounding Kennedy Reid is How old is Kennedy Reid? Why does Kennedy Reid wear a wig? 

1.Who Is Kennedy Reid?

After Kennedy Reid graduated from high school, she attended funeral college and became a funeral director and embalmer. As a teenager, she began singing in public for nursing home residents, eventually becoming a regular performer and emcee at the Country Music Festival in West Point, Kentucky. A 23-year-old undertaker from New Albany, Indiana, before joining "American Idol," a friend sent Reid's audition tape to the iconic television music competition, and he was invited to audition for the competition, which he eventually won. A good result of 20th place.

2.How Old Is Kennedy Reid?

Kennedy Reid participated in American Idol at the age of 23. Since the show aired on February 18, 2024, people on social media have expressed doubts about Reid's 23-year-old age, with many writing that she looks much older than 23 and criticizing her makeup and hairstyle. mocking Reed's appearance.

kennedy reid ins

Reid posted a selfie with Gene Ann on Instagram on February 20. Jean Ann, the pianist and close friend Reed brought to Los Angeles to audition, wrote in the post: "They're not kidding when they say the music industry is tough," adding that she "chose to lead the way with grace and kindness." way” to respond to these haters. Reid's mother also posted a post on TikTok to prove that her daughter is indeed 23 years old. In short, Reid's superb singing skills have attracted us, and the age issue will be slowly proven over time.

3.Why Does Kennedy Reid Wear A Wig?

Kennedy took to social media to give a definite answer to the question of whether to wear a wig on American Idol because her "bleach at home didn't work" and it was causing damage to my hair. There was no way I would have to keep wearing it on the show. Wearing a wig.

The aspiring singer said that since I started participating in the show, the controversial points surrounding me have always been my age, makeup, and hairstyle, but what I want to discuss most is my singing. In the early days, some mean comments caused her pain, but now she refuses to let them "win." And I made it clear that I wouldn't give up on my dream just because someone didn’t like my wig.

Kennedy Reid American Idol Wig

Kennedy Reid American Idol Wig

In an effort to regain confidence and fight back against bad talk and take back my power, Reid performed "Love Can Build a Bridge" by The Judds on American Idol, a song about how love can help people overcome their differences.

Reid usually wears a long blond wig when performing, but for this performance, she chose to comb her short blond hair straight back, wearing a one-shoulder pink dress, oversized sparkling hoop earrings, and painted Sparkling champagne eye makeup.

She throws her heart and soul into this soulful song, her confidence reaching new heights as she sings out all the emotions she's been building up in a series of passionate notes. Once the song ended, the audience cheered and the judges gave her a standing ovation.

Kennedy Reid and Tammy Faye Messner Comparison

Tammy is known for her racy wigs, exaggerated eyelashes and heavy eye makeup. And Kennedy had thick hair, thick eyelashes, and a voice that put her in the Hollywood ring. The two men are extremely similar in appearance, with many comparing Kennedy Reid to the legendary Tammy Faye Messner, but Kennedy is often criticized online.

Kennedy Reid and Tammy Faye Messner Comparison

The aspiring singer took her time to adjust and shared a photo of Tammy wearing her signature blonde hair and black eyeliner. Alongside the photo he wrote: "To all the joke lovers out there who want to call me Tammy Fay! OMG! I'm so happy I finally found her." The ABC show contestant added: "You Best bet I'll be wearing a wig and dressing up when I grow up! "Shame on those who made her the butt of their jokes. No one is perfect. Some people choose to be different. If it doesn't affect your happiness, you shouldn't comment on it. "Let's all strive to be better," she concluded. know what their point of view is! "

4.Kennedy Reid Wigs Styles

613 Blonde Dark-root Loose Wave Bob Wig

613 Blonde Dark-root Loose Wave Bob Wig

613 Color Real Human Hair

613 Color Real Human Hair

Ombre Natural Wave Lace Front Wigs

Ombre Natural Wave Lace Front Wigs


Everyone has the right to love beauty. You should not just look at a person's appearance, but pay more attention to the shining points of that person.

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