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While Wearing Human Hair Weave What should You Not To Do


Weave hair has become more and more popular among fashion black women. They are loved, recommended by many people. As we all know, human hair weave is a wonderful way to create a new hairstyle as it gives you the opportunity to add length to your natural hair.

Nowadays, many women love to wear human hair weaves which can make you look natural and multiply your beauty. Even more importantly, weaves make your own hair keep health, grow out a relaxer and add fullness and body to your hair.

You can use weave hair for years, as long as you don’t do the following wrong behaviors. Here are something you should not do while wearing human hair weaves.

virgin weave hair

Mistakes You Shouldn’t Do While Wearing Weave Hair

Do not neglect the weave

Weaves need to be cleaned and conditioned as well. Human hair can and should be treated just like your own hair so it needs to be cleaned and conditioned. If you normally wash your own hair every week or every other week, wearing weave will not or should not change that.  Wearing a weave you still need to cleanse your hair regularly.

Not Washing

The fact that your real hair is hidden beneath a weave doesn’t mean you neglect it. A weave lasts anywhere from six to eight weeks. We advise that hair should be washed at least once a week.

Consider the dirt and build-up that accumulates over eight weeks if you don’t wash your hair. It’s unhealthy for your hair and your weave is also likely to smell.

weave hair

Infrequent Cleaning and Conditioning

Your own hair still needs to be cleaned and conditioned while wearing a weave. The focus will primarily be on your scalp. Shampoo and condition with virgin Remy hair at least every 10 days to keep your scalp clean, and your hair moisturized. Going too long between cleaning and conditioning sessions leads to dry, brittle hair.

Not too Dry

The hair beneath the weave needs to be hydrated. Moisturize it every day or twice a week. Ensure the moisturizer gets to your scalp; a spritz moisturizer works best in this case.

virgin remy hair

Leaving it too long

Because hair weaves make life so convenient, it’s easy to see why some women get addicted to wearing them. These hair additions do have a shelf life, however; keeping a weave in well past its prime not only results in a poor-looking weave, but your hair will suffer, too.

Besides leaving weaves in too long, some women go straight from one wave to the next, never allowing their scalps or real hair to see the light of day for more than a few hours. Constant weave wear can take a toll on your scalp, particularly the edges.

Forgetting Your Natural Hairline

Leaving your natural hairline out will make your human hair weave look unnatural. To achieve the most natural and gorgeous look, we suggest you apply relaxers to your hairline and style it to make it go with your weave.

Let this be a handy not-to-do-list for your weaves and a guide to rocking your weaves in style! As long as you wear a weave correctly, including caring for your own tresses, feel free to experiment with different looks. Plus, you’ll enjoy the convenience and fun weave offer.

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