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What you need to know about transparent lace frontal?

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Last updated Jun 17, 2020

straight wave lace frontal

A  transparent lace frontal is a new trend in the hair market which gets more and more attention. As a fashion beauty, we want to introduce the transparent lace frontal you care about, thanks for your reading and get some information. Let us go to the topic of transparent lace frontal.

In this essay, you will get:

What is a transparent lace frontal?

How to use a transparent lace frontal?

Should I use a transparent lace frontal?

How to do maintenance for transparent lace frontal?

Where to buy a good transparent lace frontal?

What is a transparent lace frontal?

A transparent lace frontal is a lace frontal with the transparent lace, someone also called HD lace. The size of the transparent lace frontal is 13x4 inches and 13x6 inches common in the hair market. This lace color is invisible and undetectable which suitable for any skin.

The features of transparent lace frontal:

① the transparent lace frontal is 100% human hair, very comfortable, and breathable. All the hair sew in the Swiss lace is Remy virgin hair without any processing. There is no chemical, we just use the steam hold the shape of the hair. Because the hair is real human hair, so you can do any hairstyle in a proper way.

② The transparent lace frontal is hand-tied. The hair strands on the lace front are sewed by hand, to make an invisible effect, the kills of sewing need high. The knots on the lace undetectable. On the edge of the hair, the forehead is pre-plucked, the hairline is natural. It is not necessary for you to trim the edge of the hair, slightly bleached knots.

③ There are four types of hair texture available: Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, and Indian hair. Straight wave and body wave hairstyles.

④ The transparent lace is suitable for everyone, and skin. the wig is invisible and undetectable. Normally, the person who uses wig needs to use some powder cosmetics to make the color is the same as their own. But for transparent lace, it is easier to install.

⑤ The Transparent lace frontal size is 13x4 inches and 13x6 inches, it is ear to ear which covers your forehead. If you want a deep hairline, you can choose 13x6 inches lace frontal.

⑥ The hair density is not too thick nor too thin. There is a range from the front to the back which is similar to your own hairline. In a different area, hair density is different.

⑦ The lace material is Swiss lace, transparent color. Swiss lace is strong and durable, even a powerful man can not tear it easily. And the breathable effect is very good.

⑧ Glueless lace frontal, if your skin is easy to allergy, you can use this one, when you use this transparent lace frontal, it doesn’t need glue to stick it. There is baby hair around which makes a decoration.

body wave

How to use a transparent lace frontal?

Transparent lace frontal as a part of human hair wig, it was used on the front of your wig.

When you purchase human hair bundles, you can match with a lace frontal, which is handmade, so it is invisible. After sewing in the hair weft on the hair tracks, add the transparent lace frontal on the leave out.

A complete hair wig is finished. Although the lace frontal is an accessory, it can give you amazing effects. The way to use a transparent lace frontal is the same as the common lace frontal, but it is easier to operate.

Should I use a transparent lace frontal?

It depends on your requirements for hair wig. Compare with lace closure, lace frontal is expensive than lace closure. If your economic status is allowed, you can purchase a lace frontal which can make your hairstyle more natural.

Especially a transparent lace frontal, it can make your wig invisible and undetectable, anyhow, it worth each penny you paid. If you think you can make a very well hair wig without a transparent lace frontal, it is also ok. Customers' skills are different, so the effect they make is different.

How to do maintenance for transparent lace frontal?

In order to protect your transparent lace frontal, customers need to use the right way to wash and use it.

When you wash the frontal, please use the wig protect hair shampoo, don’t twist the hair. Please don’t bleach the knots, the hair strands sewing on the lace by a knot, if you bleach a wrong way, the knots will break and the hair should be shedding.

When you dye the frontal, control the Hair dye concentration is very important, or it will ruin the hair cuticle. The hair is fragile, any un-proper methods will destroy your sweet hair weave.

If you want to perm the baby hair, please set a low temperature. If the temperature is high, the hair will burn, becoming dye and split.

curly wave hair

Where to buy a good transparent lace frontal?

Julia hair mall new arrival product transparent lace frontal is good for your purchase. The hair on the lace is Remy human hair, real virgin hair. It is very soft, bouncy, and thick. Many lengths you can choose which meet your requirements about a match with the human hair bundles. Julia hair mall as top 10 hair vendor, we have our own hair factory located in Xuchang hair base. All the products experienced a strict test before selling and had test certification.

Please rest assured of the quality of the hair. In order to make our customers get their lovely hair fast, we build a warehouse in The USA California. And we accept express shipping, Next day shipping, if you are hurry to get the hair package, you can choose express shipping which will cost extra 20$. normally the shipping fee is free, in the USA, we use USPS shipping. If we don’t have stock in the USA, we will ship from our factory by international express shipping, such as DHL, Fedex, etc. Most shipping takes 3-5 working days, although shipping from China, it will less than 1 week.


Julia hair mall main products are human hair weave, lace closure, lace frontal, and wigs. All the hair products are human virgin hair which can be dyed, permed, curled, and straighten. Hairstyles include body wave, deep wave, straight wave, curly wave, loose wave, natural wave, and other kinky straight waves. The original hair as Brazilian virgin hair, Peruvian Remy hair, Malaysian human hair, and Indian hair. If you have a requirement for human hair and want to make a fashion hairstyle, please come and choose one fit for you.

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20% off for all the human hair bundles with a lace closure or lace frontal without any coupon code

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