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What Hairstyle Is Best for Big Nose?

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Last updated Mar 7, 2024

For girls who love beauty, a small flaw in the facial features is a big trouble. The shape of the nose has an impact on appearance and hairstyle selection. There is also a discussion about hairstyles for big nose and long face on Quora: What type of haircut is best for a long face and a big nose? Although we cannot change our natural appearance, we can improve our appearance and temperament through acquired changes, such as hairstyle, which can have a good modification effect on the face. So what is the best hairstyle for big nose? In this blog, we will share different hairstyles that can complement a big nose to show variety and personality. Let’s take a look at the hairstyles suitable for girls with big noses!

big nose best hairstyle

1.What Are The Perfect Facial Proportions?

Before delving into specific hairstyles, it's crucial to understand the concept of facial proportions. A well-proportioned face usually follows the golden ratio, certain features of the face harmonize with each other. GoldenRatioFace uses facial symmetry, facial structure, and the golden ratio to calculate the beauty of anyone. A visually balanced face is approximately 1.618 times longer than it is wide. The distance from the top of the nose to the center of the lips should be around 1.618 times the distance from the center of the lips to the chin.

Perfect Facial Proportions

However, there are many kinds of beautiful faces, different face shapes and facial features have different charms, and the right hairstyle will also make you feel more confident and comfortable. But no matter what, independent character and personality are important factors in attracting people. The inner beauty of confidence and perseverance is often more attractive than the external facial features.

hairstyle for big noses

2.What Hairstyles Are Best for Big Noses?

Having a prominent nose can sometimes make people feel self-conscious about their appearance. While there's nothing wrong with having a distinctive facial feature, some individuals may prefer to downplay the prominence of their nose through the right hairstyle. Fortunately, there are several hairstyles for big noses, which can help create the illusion of a smaller nose, balance out facial proportions and boost confidence.

pretty black girl

1.Long Layers

Long, layered hairstyles can help draw attention away from a prominent nose by creating movement and volume around the face.

Long Layers

Soft, face-framing layers can soften angular features and add dimension to the hair, creating a flattering frame for the face.

2.Side-Swept Bangs

Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs can effectively minimize the appearance of a large nose by directing attention towards the eyes and cheekbones.

Opt for soft, wispy bangs that blend seamlessly into the rest of the hair, avoiding blunt cuts that may emphasize the nose.

3.Textured Pixie Cut

A textured pixie cut can be a bold and stylish choice for those with a prominent nose.

If you're daring enough to go short, a pixie cut can be a stylish option to make your nose appear smaller. The short length draws attention upward, away from the nose, and highlights your eyes and cheekbones instead. A pixie cut with side-swept bangs or asymmetrical layers can further enhance this effect, creating a balanced and flattering look.

4.Half-Up Hairstyles

Half-Up Hairstyles

Half-up hairstyles, such as a half-up bun or ponytail, can help create height and volume at the crown of the head, balancing out the proportions of the face.

By leaving some hair down around the face, you can soften the appearance of a large nose while still showcasing your unique style.

5.Long Bob (Lob)

Long Bob (Lob)

A long bob, also known as a lob, is a versatile haircut that can complement various face shapes, including those with a prominent nose. The length of the lob typically falls somewhere between the chin and shoulders, providing enough volume to balance out facial proportions. To make your nose look smaller, consider adding subtle layers or side-swept bangs to soften the overall appearance.

6.Textured Waves

Textured Waves

Soft, loose,Textured waves can add softness and femininity to the face, minimizing the impact of a prominent nose,create the illusion of a smaller nose.

Textured hairstyles add volume and movement to your hair, drawing attention away from the center of your face.Use a curling iron or wand to create natural-looking waves, or even by braiding your hair overnight for natural-looking waves. Consider adding a volumizing mousse or texturizing spray for extra hold and body.

7.Deep Side Part

Textured Waves

A deep side part can create asymmetry in the hair, drawing attention away from the center of the face.

Experiment with different parting positions to find the most flattering angle for your facial features.

8.Updo Hairstyles

Updo Hairstyles

Updo hairstyles, such as a classic bun or chignon, can elegantly showcase the neck and jawline while minimizing the focus on the nose.

Consider adding braids or twists for added texture and visual interest.


The best hairstyle for a big nose is one that makes you feel confident, empowered, and comfortable for yourself. While certain hairstyles may help minimize the appearance of a prominent nose, it's important to embrace your unique features and celebrate your individuality. Experiment with different cuts, styles, and techniques until you find the perfect look that reflects your personality and enhances your natural beauty. Remember, true beauty radiates from within, and confidence is the most attractive accessory of all.

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