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What Are And How To Style Boho Braids?

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Last updated Jul 5, 2024

There are many types of protective hairstyles, do you know Boho Braid? It is also one of the protective hairstyles, this style is very popular in 2024 and has attracted a lot of interest and attention on TikTok and Instagram, it can be said to be a wonderful braid style. If you are not familiar with this braid style, it doesn't matter. This article will introduce you to more information about Boho Braid hairstyle. I hope you can gain something. 

1. What Are Boho Braids?

Boho braids, also known as Bohemian box braids, are very popular among black women. The hallmark of a Boho braid is a micro braid on top of the head, with about three inches of hair cascading down into loose waves or bouncy curls. The depth of the hairstyle and size are huge. Boho braid has been around since the 1990s and has been tried on by celebrities like Lisa Bonet, Gabrielle Union and Beyonce, Brandy and others, and now the style is back in fashion with a modern twist.

boho braid

2. How To Style Boho Braids?

If you want to style your boho braids at home, follow these simple steps to get the job done smoothly:

Step 1: Clean your hair: First, clean your hair with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, this is a very important step, then wait for it to dry naturally or use a hair dryer;

Step 2: Part the hair: Divide the hair into small square-shaped areas and apply a small amount of hairspray to help lubricate the hair before starting to braid;

part the boho braid hair

Step 3: Prepare to braid: start braiding from the scalp, divide the hair in the square area into three parts, put the left hair on top of the middle hair, and put the right hair crosswise between the two, and cycle in sequence;

braid boho braid hair

Step 4: Braid the braid into the hair: Using natural hair, place the hair sideways where the braiding stops. The longer human hair blends with your own hair on the right side to braid, and the shorter human hair blends with the hair on the left to start. Braid, after braiding 3 to 5 times, select the longest strand of hair from this braid put it aside, and continue to braid the rest slowly.

Because bohemian braids require some curls to be retained, rather than the entire hairstyle being braided.

loose boho braid hair

Step 5: Secure the braid: Finally, apply some hairspray to the base of the braid and secure with a hair tie.

While the steps to styling your own bohemian braids aren't too difficult, they do take a long time, so if you're impatient, book an appointment with a professional to get the job done.

3. How To Keep Boho Braids From Tangling?

Although bohemian braids are a protective braid style, a low-maintenance protective style, but without proper care, Boho Braids will quickly become frizzy. Here are some ways to make bohemian braids Check out our tangle-free tips.

1) Moisturize regularly:

Over time, the tension at the edges of Boho Braids may slowly dry out due to weather conditions. To reduce dryness and make boho braid last longer, it is recommended to choose a shampoo containing ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil or glycerin, which can nourish the hair well. Moisturize your braids and scalp two to three times a week.

Application steps

First, divide your braid into several parts, but make sure the product can be applied to the scalp; then use a narrow-mouth spray bottle to apply moisturizer on the scalp, gently massaging the product to help the scalp absorb quickly; then spray water on the end of the braid, You can also choose areas that are visibly dry or fragile.

Finally, if you have Boho knotless braid, you need to use a no-rinse natural hair spray every morning and night to moisturize. But remember that moisturizing does not mean completely moistening your hair. After washing your hair, you must dry your hair to avoid mold. The consequences of this will be terrible.

2) Take care of your edges

When taking care of your hair, don’t forget about the hairline edge, after all, it needs to withstand more tension than braids. If it is slicking down flyaways, you can apply a small amount of gels and waxes and wait for it to dry naturally. Once every two days, the application is quick and hassle-free. As long as you persist, you will have a beautiful hairline edge.

Use a soft-bristle brush to sweep stray hairs back around the edges gently. Do not brush too hard repeatedly, as this may cause the hair to be pulled and broken. And the hair can be styled in any direction you want.

pack boho braid hair

3) Wear a scarf or hat at night

Don't forget to protect your hair when you go to bed at night. Choose a satin scarf to wrap around your Boho Braids to reduce friction between hair strands and provide greater protection against frizz and tangles, so your braids will look great the next morning. If you have long Boho Braids, try to tie them up first and then hide them in a scarf.

4) Redo loose braids

After wearing it for a long time, although you usually take good care of it, some of your bohemian braids may inevitably become a little loose or unraveled. Here are some ways to re-braid loose braids.

Replace braided hair - Add length and change your hair color with a human hair weave that matches the texture of your own hair.

Crochet - Makes it easier to hook braided hair into your own hair.

Beads, bands or pins - The braid can be fixed or decorated when finished.

boho braid

5) Use human hair

If you want to make a long boho braid but don't have a lot of hair, it is recommended to buy 100% human hair to make bohemian braids. Human hair is truly natural, long-lasting, not easy to tangle, and protects your hair when combined with your hair. If you swim frequently, you should choose 100% human hair so that your hair can last at least a month.

4. How Long Does Boho Braids Last?

Bohemian braids generally last 3 to 5 weeks, and if you style them professionally and maintain them well, they can last at least a month. But if you often go out in the wind or sun or swim, the boho braid will last shorter. The specific time depends on your situation.


Boho braids are arguably the perfect hairstyle for black women in 2024. It is super fashionable, versatile, and can protect your hair. I hope you can fully understand boho braid through this article.

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