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Toupee VS Wig:Complete Guide

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Last updated Mar 1, 2024

Toupee and wig are both wigs, but do you know the difference between them? In this article, we will provide an in-depth introduction to toupee and wig-related content to help choose a wig system that is more suitable for you.

1. What Is A Wig?

Wigs are a whole that covers the entire head and are divided into two types: natural and synthetic. Natural wigs are made from 100% human hair, while synthetic wigs are made from acrylic or nylon fibers. There are two main parts to a wig: the cap or base and the hair. The base (or cap) is simply the base material of the wig, which is shaped like a real head, while the hair is sewn or machine-crocheted onto this base, and the wig is secured to the wearer's head using bobby pins or glue. Make sure the wig doesn't fall off.


2. Classification Of Wigs:

1) Open-cap wigs, also known as uncapped wigs, weft-knit wigs, basic wig caps, or weft-knit wigs, use attached hair wefts to form the cap. Because of the open-cap structure, it allows for more air circulation and prevents the discomfort caused by heat and moisture accumulation, making it perfect for those who find themselves too hot when wearing a wig during the summer.

2) Full-cap wig, using a mesh cap or full-mesh cap, the hair on this device is sewn into the fabric and completely covered by the cap, even covering the ears and forehead, with almost no gap between the hair and scalp, just like on your own The hair is the same. However, full-cap wigs can be uncomfortable if worn for long periods.

3.Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wig


1) Can completely cover your head. Whether you are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair due to chemical treatments, wigs can cover it all.

2) Save money and time. Although buying a wig will cost you a large investment initially, if an emergency arises and you need to attend an event or a party, you can save a lot of money and time on styling, cutting, and coloring. And compared to bleaching and styling your hair, wigs can also protect your hair.


Wearing a wig is a bit more complicated than a toupee and can be tricky for novices. It takes many attempts to make the wig perfectly fixed on your hair, but now with the development of the wig industry, some simple and easy wigs have also been studied, such as pre-cut lace wigs, wear-and-go wigs, headband wigs, and so on.

4. What Is A Toupee?

Wigs are worn on the top of the scalp to cover the highest areas prone to baldness and are also made of synthetic or natural hair. Because the toupee is only a small piece and does not use a mesh cap, it usually adheres to the scalp using liquid adhesive glue for long-lasting bonding.


Toupee is often used in cases of male baldness, but women sometimes suffer from hair loss as well, as men tend to suffer from more severe and widespread baldness, while women typically lose hair gradually and lose density.

5.Advantages And Disadvantages Toupee


1) Cheap. Since hair accessories only require enough hair to cover the top of your scalp, they are cheaper than wigs of the same craftsmanship.

2) Easy to use. Due to the small area of ​​hair accessories, it is impossible to add lace or mesh caps, so when wearing them, use hairpins instead of glue. It can be done in just 5 minutes every morning.


Since the color of your hair and toupee are difficult to match, you have to spend a lot of time choosing the exact color and hair texture that matches your biological hair, or dyeing and styling it.

6. Difference Between Toupee And Wig

1) Coverage:Toupees are usually smaller and cover specific areas of the scalp, such as the top or top of the head, to hide baldness or thinning hair in that area. On the other hand, wigs cover the entire scalp and are used to create completely new hairstyles or cover up total hair loss.

2) Attachment: A toupee is usually attached to the scalp using clips, tape, or adhesive, while a wig is usually worn like a hat and does not need to be attached to the scalp.

3) Customization: While both toupees and wigs can be customized to match the color, texture, and style of your natural hair, wigs offer more versatility in styling options because they cover the entire head.

4) Comfort: Some people find that the toupee is more comfortable to wear than the wig because the toupee is smaller and lighter. The wig will feel heavier and hotter.

5) Maintenance: Because toupees are smaller in size and in closer contact with the scalp, they may require more frequent maintenance, such as reinstallation or restyling. Wigs are larger, cover a larger area, and may require less frequent maintenance.

toupee vs wig

7. The Similarities Between Toupee And Wig

1) Hairpiece:Both wigs and wigs are types of wigs, which can be used to cover hair loss, change hairstyles, or as fashionable hairstyles.

2) Material: They can be made from human hair, synthetic fibers, or a blended blend, offering a variety of options in color, texture, and style.

3) Customization: Both wigs and wigs can be customized to match the wearer’s natural hair color, texture, and style, providing a natural look.

4) Thinning hair loss: Wigs and hairpieces are often used for thinning bald or thinning hair, providing a solution for those looking to enhance their appearance.

5) Look natural: Toupees and wigs can both look very natural and blend seamlessly with your natural hair and hair color if they are made properly and worn properly.

8. How Long Do Toupees Last?

The service life of Toupee depends on the material. The following data can be used as a reference, but it also depends on the frequency of use and maintenance level.

Synthetic toupees:  With regular use and proper care, the lifespan is typically 2 to 4 months. Over time, synthetic fibers may become frizzy or lose their luster and need to be replaced.

Human hair toupees:  High-quality human hair toupees can last 6 months to 1 year, depending on how well they are cared for. With proper care, these toupees can be washed, styled, and treated just like natural hair.

Hybrid toupees: Made with a combination of human hair and synthetic materials. The longevity of hybrid toupees is somewhere between synthetic and human hair, lasting about 5 to 10 months.

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