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Top 10 Romantic Beach Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For Seaside Celebration

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Last updated Jul 11, 2024

beach wedding hairstyles

Wedding is the most important day for all women. All of the women want to have a romantic wedding and to be the most beautiful girl all over the world. Are you planning to say your I do’s out on the sandy seashore? It is romantic and amazing.

Do you have an idea for your beach wedding? Do you want to have a beach wedding hairstyle for your big day? Below you'll find the top 10 romantic and popular beach wedding hairstyles ideas perfect for a seaside celebration. You can click here to learn more about the best hair wigs for black women's weddings.

wedding hairstyles

Why Beach Weddings Is So Popular?

Beach weddings have maintained their popularity throughout the years because of their flexibility, especially in comparison to other wedding themes. Brides and grooms can organize their beach weddings during any season while being as relaxed or extravagant as they wish.

Beach wedding ceremony ideas often overlap with rustic, bohemian, and travel themes so the options for a seaside celebration are truly endless. A Beach wedding makes your special day feel like it came straight out of a romantic movie scene!

Top 10 Romantic Beach Wedding Hairstyle Ideas In 2024

1.Beachy Waves Wedding Hairstyle

Beachy Waves Wedding Hairstyle

Some brides opt to wear their hair down, and they look fabulous on their big day.If you have a dress with a simple neckline or are going sleeveless or backless, this can be an elegant choice.Try styling your hair in gentle waves or curls using a large-barrel curling iron or large hot rollers.Be sure to use a shine serum and a heat protector for the best results.After you finger-comb out your waves, use hairspray to set them for all-day holding power.

2.Side Loose Wave Beach Wedding Hairstyle

elegant side ponytail

For another effortless wedding hairstyle, try this simple side-swept hairstyle. Start by giving your hair a gentle wave, then sweep it over one shoulder, wear a silver hairband on your head, and then add a pin or two to secure your hair so it doesn't blow away during the vows.
No matter how you choose to style your hair for your outdoor ceremony, one of the most important considerations is your styling products. Taking into account weather, heat, humidity, and wind conditions, make sure to use enough primer, gloss, and spray to give your hair the staying power it needs to keep it looking flawless all day long.

3.Half-Up Braid Beach Wedding Hairstyle

Half-Up Braid Beach Wedding Hairstyle

We love these half-up beach wedding hairstyles because they're the perfect combination of form and function: You can still show off your tresses while keeping them out of your face. Plus they work for any hair length. For a modern half-up beach wedding hairstyle, pin the front part of your hair back with a sparkly hairpiece.

4. Knotted Updo Hairstyle For Beach Wedding

knotted up do

This elegant and ladylike French style is achieved by layering two twisted buns or braiding the hair into two buns, leaving two strands of hair in the front, which are combined with decorative pins, headbands and The veil is held together. All in all, it's a very flattering look. The right hairstyle can not only enhance the beauty of the dress the bride wears at her wedding, but can also reflect her personality and even the theme of the wedding.

5. Low Ponytail Beach Wedding Hairstyle

Low Ponytail Beach Wedding Hairstyle

A dreamy low ponytail was a fitting choice for this bride's Hawaiian wedding. Part your hair in the middle and tie it into a smooth low ponytail, leaving some tendrils on both sides. It looks natural and beautiful without any modification.

6.Flower Wave Beach Wedding Hairstyle

body wave hair with flower

Pull inspiration from your nature-filled wedding venue and incorporate flowers into your 'do. For a unique body wave wedding hairstyle, add in some flowers (we love these small white blooms) to give your wedding hair that extra little touch of romance, and asymmetrical hairdo.

7. Short Afro Beach Wedding Hairstyle

Short Afro Beach Wedding Hairstyle

Revive your lush short afro hair with a whimsical flower crown and show off your hair with confidence. Add some bohemian flair by choosing a headpiece with multi-colored flowers in different sizes. The criss-cross backless skirt and flower crown short hair will not interfere with each other, and they will shine separately.

8.Long Twist Bridal Beach Hairstyles

Long Twist Bridal Beach Hairstyles

This wedding hairstyle seems difficult to make, but it is just based on the traditional double bun, with your hair tied to the top of your head, to express your joy through fun and interesting innovations. But remember to ask your stylist to fix the updo, as it's going to be a long night on the dance floor after all.

9.Elegant Beach Wedding Hairstyles

long curly hair

If you have long hair, show off your hair by rocking these gorgeous sleek curls. Have your stylist apply some anti-frizz product to your waves before taking photos to keep them shiny and smooth all day long. If a wedding is held at the beach, the sea breeze will blow. It is recommended to use a hair tie to suppress flying caused by humidity and keep the hair away from the face.

10.Locs Bangs For Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Locs Bangs For Beach Wedding Hairstyles

If bangs are part of your signature look, show them off boldly at your wedding. Whether it's short and blunt, long and slender, or sweet side-swept, it's all your own, don't lose it.


No matter how to you choose to wear your hair for a seaside or outdoor celebration, one of the most important considerations will be your hair quality. You must buy the top quality 100 human hair wigs which can be dyed, permed, straightened and styled your desired look and give your locks the staying power they need to look natural and perfect all day long.

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