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Top 10 Mistakes that Newbie Wig-wearers Make

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Last updated Aug 1, 2023

top 10 mistakes for wig beginners

Are you a newbie wig-wear? As we all know, hair plays a very important role in our life. More and more people love to wear human hair wigs to change their look and life. Every girl loves her locks and wants them to look as good as possible.

If you are slowly being indoctrinated into the wig life, welcome! Human hair wigs are an amazing way to elevate your look, switch things up and give your style game an edge, all without making a commitment.

Wearing human hair wigs is actually an industry-standard in the entertainment world. Because seriously, what good is a well-done makeup without gorgeous hair, right? But the majority of mistakes made when wearing wigs are people who have never worn a lace wig before. Anyone can succumb to these easy-to-make mistakes.

If you are new to the concept of wearing wigs, chances are that you might make a few mistakes in the earlier few months. But fear not, You just need to avoid all of these top 10 beginner mistakes, and you will be the new queen and the brightest star.

body wave HD lace wig

Top 10 Mistakes That Wig Beginners Would Make

Error No. 1: Not Cut The Edges Of The Lace

Most beginners do not trim the edges of the lace for fear of overdoing it and making the wig impossible to wear. If you've finally got the romantic date you've been waiting for weeks and the wind is blowing just enough to lift your wig's hairline, your date will be able to see the edges of the lace and that's right. humiliating. Don't cut your lace too much. Cut small pieces of the lace instead of all at once.

FB30 body wave wig

Error No. 2: Choosing The Wrong Hair Density

If you have short or fine hair, it's a no-brainer that you might want to jump right into a full, voluptuous hairpiece and declare you’re living your best life. And while one benefit of human hair wigs is the fact that you can score a new look or texture, you can also take this too far.

For a look that's truly natural, we suggest opting for a unit that’s no more than 150% density. A density of 130% to 150% is the thickness of an average head of hair, so this is what will ultimately look the most natural. It's also easier to style for first-time wig wearers.

Our product listings will tell you each wigs' density, so you can get a sense of how it will look – and feel – on your head. While it’s possible to find wigs that are denser than this, as we do offer a few, it's not always the best option when you’re first getting used to the idea of wearing a wig.

Error No. 3: Ignoring The Hygiene Of Your Own Real Hair

It’s very important to choose a wig that allows your scalp to breathe. Proper breathability of the materials will keep your scalp comfortable and dry. A net wig is always a better choice than cotton and nylon because it doesn’t dry the hair.

Although wearing a wig cap is useful in protecting your real hair and scalp, it’s still important to have proper hygiene and keep the scalp dry. Wearing a wig on wet or damp hair can give an opportunity for bacteria and fungus to grow. This can cause irritation and unpleasant odor. Those who sweat more must shampoo their hair more frequently and let it dry thoroughly.

water wave headband wigs

Error No. 4: Over-styling Your Baby Hair

While overly styled baby hair continues to be all the rage, it's actually best not to overdo it when wearing a wig to ensure the unit seamlessly blends with your hairline.

When you're wearing hair that's not yours, you have to make it look as natural as possible without doing too much. Less is more. Though it may be tempting to elaborately mold your baby hair, simply slicking them back with some edge control should suffice.

body wave headband wigs

Error No. 5: Choosing A Wig Color That Doesn’t Match Your Skin Tone  

Not only the hair density but the wig color also determine whether it looks natural on you or not. Make sure the lace color matches your skin tone.

If the lace color doesn't match your skin tone, the lace will be very visible so on the parting space, your scalp will show a weird color and people also will notice it is a wig, which is kind of embarrassing, but there is an easy way to solve it, just applying some concealer or foundation powder on the parting area to make the lace color blend it with your skin tone.

The closer the color is to your skin tone, the more natural it will look. For example, if you have dark skin with golden-brown eyes, you will look best in wigs that are dark brown, golden brown or chestnut. However, if you have a cool skin tone, you are best suited to wigs in blacks, browns and blondes with honey.

straight headband wigs

Error No. 6: Failing to Bleach and Pluck Your Knots

If you truly want to make sure your wig is undetectable even to the most discerning eye, it pays to bleach and plucks the knots in the front of it for a more natural part.

Lace front wigs are created by hand-sewing individual strands to a mesh base, which creates tiny knots at the end. When a dark hair is used, these knots appear as small black dots that are super noticeable, particularly where the unit is parted.

To conceal them, you can either bleach or pluck them, but make sure not to be heavy-handed when doing either or else you risk over-plucking or over-processing the hair.

We recommend you hold the frontal up to the light so you can best see where the knots are and use a tint brush to lightly apply bleach. If you find the knots are still coming through, apply another layer until the part is to your liking.

Error No. 7: Using Wig Adhesives Without Testing Them First

As with any product that we want to use on our face, do a patch test first. Glues are chemicals that may not suit all skin types.

Apply a drop of glue on your forearm and leave it for a few hours or overnight. Notice the area after two days of patch test. If there is no allergic reaction, you may use the glue. If you see even the slightest skin irritation, forget to use it.

Or better yet, opt for Julia's glueless wigs - Headband Wigs. Easy wear and also called "2 minutes wigs". A comfortable grip band may also help eliminate the need for combs, clips, or pins in securing the wig, thus preventing possible bald spots and headaches.

body wave human hair wigs

Error No. 8: Never Sleep With Your Wig On

Some people may feel it is so tiring when you have to wear and remove it every day, so they decided to sleep it on. If you always sleep it on, the lace wig’s life span will be shortened so it is not good especially when the lace wig you bought it not cheap. It will make the hair of the wig tangled, matted, and splitting.

straight lace front wig

Error No. 9: Improperly Combing and Washing Your Wig

Extreme care should be taken when combing the wig. Never comb wet hair because your hair can get tangled. When styling, take extra care around the knots by not pulling on them. It’s recommended to use a wide-toothed comb or a wig brush to detangle your wig.

Don’t wash your wig with extremely hot water since it will lead to shedding and dryness. Furthermore, excess heat from a blow dryer can also damage the wig hair, hence remember to set your blow dryer at a low heat temperature.

curly lace front wig

Error No. 10: Wig Cap Size is too Big or too Small

You will feel uncomfortable when the wig is too tight and sometimes may cause a headache. But when it is too big, you'll feel unsafe, and the wig can easily slide back.

If your cap size is too big, sew an elastic band inside from ear to ear and use adhesive along the hairline to secure your wig.

honey blonde straight hair wig

I hope the above tips can help you to avoid mistakes when you wear human hair wigs first. Enjoy the wig and achieve your unique beauty and natural look.

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